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13 Gotta-Have iPad Presentation Tools

6 Feb

This list includes some of my favorite ways to use the iPad for student (and teacher) presentations.  Whether you decide to have students make their own Tellagamis or try using SlideShare for PowerPoint inspiration, these 13 tips will change the way you see iPads as a way to create and give presentations in your classroom.Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.58.42 AM

  1. Haiku Deck for Small Presentations
  2. Film Your Own Persuasive PSAs
  3. Student Created Podcasts
  4. Tellagami for Story Telling
  5. Pic Collage to Make iPad Posters
  6. SnapGuide for How-Tos
  7. SlideShare for Presentations
  8. Nearpod for 1 to 1 Classrooms
  9. Organize Thinking in a GRID
  10. App Combo: iMovie and Doceri
  11. Toontastic for Story Telling
  12. App Update: Educreations
  13. Slideshows with Shadow Puppet

+1 Record Your Work Using Doceri

Weird But True from National Geographic

4 Feb

image (85)Whether you’re looking to give students inspiration for a science project or simply hooking kids in the beginning of a lesson, add Weird But True to your routine!  This is another wonderful app from National Geographic (National Parks, Marine Missions, Titanic Timeline). It’s a great way to start off class each day — try sharing a weird but true fact to get your students excited about the world around them.

Read this post in Spanish!

Aesop’s Fables Go Mobile

3 Feb

image (95)

The Library of Congress has a variety of apps including some great choices for virtual field trips.  Aesop for Children is an interactive ebook app that’s makes it easy and fun for kids reading these tales for the first time or teachers sharing them with their students.  This is a great app if you only have one iPad or access to a few to create reading groups.

Have students retell a story with one of my favorite Common Core aligned lesson plans!

This app is also available on Android devices.

15 Free Apps for Streaming Video Content

9 Jan

You might be looking to keep children up to date on current events, help them build prior knowledge, or simply make connections to the world around them.  With these free apps (for iOS and Android devices) you can stream videos straight from your device to share with students!

BONUS: Try out Frolyc to send video based lessons to your students’ iPads!

Common Core Activities with Frolyc

8 Jan


Frolyc is a terrific tool for teachers looking to design their own lesson-based activities.  Teachers can create activities for students like: completing a graphic organizer, identify cause and effect in a passage, draw a response to a question or take a quiz.  Students can access activities that are assigned to them by a teacher using Frolyc’s iPad app Activity Spot.  As students complete the activity, teachers will receive feedback on student progress in real time!


Not only does Frolyc let you customize your students’ experience by designing activities, teachers can access a library filled with Common Core aligned activities created and shared by other teachers.  Frolyc makes it easy to design activities – in only a few minutes you can create a unique learning experience for your students. A learning and assessment tool, Froylc is a powerful platform for increasing student engagement and monitoring student progress.  Since Froylc lets users assign activities to students individually, it’s easy to differentiate student tasks.

Sign up for a free account and check out their student iPad app!

21 iPad Apps Available on Android Tablets

2 Jan

So many teachers have asked me about Android apps and I thought this would be a great way to share some of my favorites.  Each link will take you to my overview of the iPad version of the app – just scroll down to the bottom of each post to see the link that takes you directly to the Google Play Store.  Enjoy!

  1. Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.16.00 PMDuolingo
  2. Tellagami
  3. Fraction Calculator
  4. Discovery Channel
  5. Math vs. Zombies
  6. FriendStrip Comic Creator
  7. Khan Academy
  8. MyScript Calculator
  9. Endless Alphabet
  10. iTooch
  11. Pic Collage
  12. Wooords
  13. BrainPop Espanol
  14. Pick a Path
  15. Nearpod
  16. SnapGuide
  17. Dragon Dictation
  18. History Channel
  19. DK Quiz
  20. DocTeach
  21. iPrompt

The lesson plans featured on each post work perfectly with Android tablets!

Grammar Pop Winterfest

27 Dec

image (94)A terrific app for helping students identify parts of speech, Grammar Pop Winterfest has multiple levels, high quality graphics and an engaging interactive platform.  Visit their website to learn about educational discounts!

SPECIAL PROMO: Sign up for updates (top righthand corner) then send an email to if you’d like a free promo code to download this app – limited supply available! **All codes have been distributed – Congratulations Margaret and Maureen!

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans for teaching ELA on iPads!