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Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad Teachers

20 Jul

Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad Teachers Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas for iPad TeachersStop Motion Studio is a filmmaking app that can be used across the content areas.  Similar to the Lego movies you may have seen made by filmmakers on YouTube or claymation characters moving across the screen.  In the classroom teachers are using this app to have students demonstrate their understanding of content in lots of subject areas.

This app combines still images to make a stop motion animation film. In the Social Studies classroom students can move figurines across the screen to show a historical event in action.  In the Math classroom students can use virtual manipulatives to model the solution to a math problem.

Apple has created an iBook full of lesson ideas for teachers using Stop Motion Studio with their students.  It includes activities for Science, Social Studies, and more.

Visit the iBookstore to check out the Stop Motion Studio Ideas iBook or download Stop Motion Studio from the App Store!

QR Code Mother’s Day Activities from Scanova

7 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.48.05 AM

Scanova, a QR Code app for teachers, has created a set of engaging classroom activities for K-2 students, specially for Mother’s Day. Each activity has a QR Code-based answer sheet. Students need to solve questions and color the blocks of the QR Code that have the right answer. When they get all the answers right, the QR Code becomes scannable to reveal a video or song dedicated to mothers. Students can convert these answer sheets into gift cards and present them to their mothers.  Scanova_TPT_QR Code Puzzle


The activities are housed on Scanova’s TPT Store.


These fun and engaging activities are perfect for elementary class teachers looking to incorporate math and language skill practice into their classrooms.  You simply need to download and print these for your students, making them a time-saver too.
Click here to visit the QR Code Generator app by Scanova.


Weather Safety Apps from the American Red Cross

2 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 10.40.21 AM

Earlier this year I shared a First Aid app from the American Red Cross that is full of useful information and completely free.

The American Red Cross also has three apps designed to support victims of natural disasters. Whether you’re studying a region of the United States or just looking to spark a discussion, these apps will come in handy. Show your students how to prepare and stay safe with the tips they share.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans on hurricanes and tornadoes! for K-2 Digital Curriculum

16 Apr

S4U_ClasstechtipsScience4Us is a K-2 standards-based, digital science program.  It is based on the 5E inquiry-based instructional model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.  Teachers can decide how to deliver material.  This program is flexible enough for whole group lesson, small groups or one on one instruction.  It includes embedded teacher support such as teacher guides and videos.

Science4Us was developed by the creators of Vocabulary Spelling City. It has an iPad app that makes it easy for students to access content from a mobile device. Science4Us integrates math and language arts and annual subscriptions begin at just $360 (Title I and Title III funds can also be used).

Learn more about Science4Us by visiting their website!

Standards Planner Teams Up With Clever

3 Apr
clever-sp-01Standards Planner, an online teacher and district content organizer I shared earlier this year, is now partnering with Clever to bridge the gap between instruction and ease of use. With Clever’s Instant Login, districts and teachers can quickly jump into building and organizing their content with one click.
clever-app-01If you are a district administrator looking to push the blended learning or flipped classroom model, you can easily get your teachers setup for free, and even pilot Standards Planner to get ready for next school year. They include professional development to help districts stay organized.
All individual accounts are free with full use of the software. You can take advantage of this organizational tool by visiting Standards Planner’s website to signup and begin planning!


CartoonSmart Video Tutorials and Guides

6 Mar

 is a great resource for students and educators looking for video tutorials on Art, iOS development, HTML5 and more.  As one of the first video-learning sites on the web they’ve embraced the interest in mobile app development and have tons of tools for teachers and their classes.  Their lessons can be streamed online or downloaded to watch offline – a great option for students with multiple tools and different learning environments.
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 7.10.12 AMUsers can now check out a new Sample Pack of lessons so they can view hours of free tutorials without a subscription.  This sample pack also includes some complete courses for Sprite Kit and Swift (the iOS programming languages).  If you aren’t coding with your students you can also download their free iBook on animation. Once you dive into CartoonSmart you have options for subscribing to more content or purchasing products individually.
Learn more by visiting their website!

Standards Planner Online Tool For Teachers

23 Jan
unnamedStandards Planner is a lesson planner tool for teachers that allows them to search through thousands of free resources such as Khan Academy, CK12 Flexbooks, and even their own Google Drive.  Teachers can create, upload, and convert lessons, videos, and instructional material.  With Standards Planner users can align their plans to all 50 state and national standards including the Common Core.  It even lets teachers collaborate with colleagues to build units together.
unnamed-1This web tool gives teachers lots of extra options like subject calendaring and the ability to create pacing charts.Standards Planner users can schedules when they will teach specific assignments.  Districts that sign up for Standards Planner can bundle features to fit the software to the needs of their schools.
Learn more about Standards Planner by visiting their website!
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