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MadLibs: Two Tablet Apps to Engage Students with ELA Skills

25 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.23.08 AMscreen480x480Engaging students in lessons on sentence structure, parts of speech, and punctuation can be a challenge.  MadLibs is not a new product, however their iPad app makes story creation and English Language Arts instruction exciting for students.  Perfect for stations, partner work or a transition activity, MadLibs asks students to plug in different parts of speech to create a story.  It’s a great springboard for conversations on sentence structure and introducing students to adverbs, adjectives, and more.

MadLibs is free to download and includes tons of activities for students.  They can create stories, find support within the app, and share their final products with peers.

Here’s an Android option for MadLibs!

History Channel Apps for Multiple Mobile Devices (from Android to Apple Watch!)

24 May

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.08 PMThe History Channel is a great resource for multimedia to share with students.  In addition to their website they have a handful of of mobile apps designed for users with access to multiple types of devices.  It’s a terrific option for classrooms with different types of tablets.  You might even share this list with students and their families so they can explore history outside of school hours.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.59.29 PMThe HISTORY app is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Store,

Their travel app HISTORY HERE is great for virtual field trips and available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store.

Ultimate History Quiz is available on the Apple App Store and for BlackBerry devices.

There are even more apps from the History Channel to check out on their website.

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Increase Student Participation with Two Terrific Name Selector Apps

4 May

screen480x480 photo-9There are so many classroom management tools that I love (here’s a list of 19!).  Two of my favorites iLEAP Pick A Student and Random Name Selector makes sure that you call on every student in your class.  Instead of the traditional coffee can full of popsicle sticks with students’ names on them, use one of these free apps to make sure that all of your students are held accountable in class discussions.  Try projecting the screen from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch so that students can see which one of their peers is up next!

Check out one of my Common Core aligned lesson plans where these apps could be used during discussion time!

Android users can check out this similar app on the Google Play Store.

MarcoPolo Weather Exploration App

1 May

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.49.36 PMscreen480x480MarcoPolo Weather is a terrific app for helping students understand weather patterns and climate.  This beautifully illustrated, fun app will let children explore weather and learn about temperature, cloud cover, and precipitation.  Students can control nine different weather conditions and access interactive mini-games.  MarcoPolo Weather can be used for whole class discussions on weather patterns, small group exploration at a science station, or as a companion to informational text.

Check out MarcoPolo Weather on the Apple App Store for iOS devices!

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NoteLedge Ultimate App

6 Apr

English_education_01 NoteLedge Ultimate is the brand new version of the NoteLedge series of apps. Compared with the free version I shared last year, the new NoteLedge Ultimate features a sleek, clean look, and calendar integration with local and Google Calendar.  It has a full-screen web clipper, brush tools, new file managers and more.  NoteLedge Ultimate is a universal app that can users download once and have on both their iPhone and iPad.

NoteLedge_CalendarIn the classroom, NoteLedge Ultimate supports text, images, audio, video, table tools, and freehand drawing. It is an ideal tool for taking notes, organizing mixed media contents, visual thinking, and documentation.  This app comes with a set of ten brushes for handwriting, drawing, coloring, highlighting, and drawing shapes.  A full screen built-in browser for students and teachers to clip online contents instantly paste to notes. The web clips can also be saved in iPad photo library for other usages.  Users can also add notes to their personal iOS or Google Calendar in PDF format and sync and back up notes.

Learn more by visiting NoteLedge Ultimate’s website and the Apple App Store or watch their video to see this app in action!


Geography Duel for Partner Practice

4 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.29.51 PMscreen480x480-1There are a handful of geography apps that I love (StrataLogica, TapQuiz, Experience America HD, 3D Atlas) and Geography Duel is another option for students.  This app lets users quiz their knowledge of US states and countries.  It has a single player and multiplayer mode that lets students compete with a partner.  This is a great app game for students who want to boost their knowledge of geography whether they play with a classmate or independently.

Check out Geography Duel in the Apple App Store for iOS devices!

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Memory Cab for Customizable Study Sets

2 Apr
MemoryCabOne-2Memory Cab is an interactive app that lets users of all ages easily study sets of items.  They can practice with a matching game and recall those items with a spelling or multiple choice test.  With Memory Cab users have the ability to create content that connects to their own curriculum.  A wide variety of items can be added into Memory Cab including vocabulary words, multiplication flash card, sight words, study topics and even other languages – anything that is represented by a photo or text.
MemoryCabTwo-2Young learners with access to an iOS device will find Memory Cab a fun way to learn study items.  High school and college aged students can replace traditional flashcards with this customizable app.  Users can create study sets using images saved to the device from the Internet or snapped with their camera.  This is a great option for visual learners and English Language Learners.  It includes a study and game mode in addition to instant feedback and a gameplay summary.
Learn more by visiting their website or downloading Memory Cab on the Apple App Store!
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