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Write About: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and Students

21 Sep
WriteAbout: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and Students
Write About is a digital writing platform for classrooms with the mission of making writing fun and sharing easy. If you are looking to provide students with an authentic audience for their writing in a safe community, Write About is sure to keep children engaged.
Write About: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and StudentsCreated by educators, Write About includes thousands of visual Ideas to spark every genre of writing and custom groups for student interests, classroom projects and collaborations.  The layers of publishing for sharing include a local or worldwide audience.  Teachers can personalize annotations and provide private voice feedback on student posts.  The new Write About School/District level platform was launched this summer and allows for powerful digital writing options to be leveraged across wider rollouts.
Teachers can join and participate in the Write About community for free and easily set up student accounts to fully test a Classroom membership. Unlimited student posts for up to 40 students is $24.95 a year and for up to 250 students is $39.95 a year.
Learn more about Write About by visiting their website or checking out this video!


Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVY

20 Sep

Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVYSOLVY is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers and schools.  With SOLVY students can access math problems that have been handpicked by their teachers.  Teachers can assign exercises for students based on their interest and needs. They’ll receive notifications when students require extra support based on their homework performance.

Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVYSOLVY can save teachers time, helping them use their time efficiently while providing a real world context for learning in the math classroom.  This web-based tool is accessible on lots of different devices.  Students can interact with a graphing tool and teachers can see student work for solving each problem to pinpoint any errors or misunderstandings.

SOLVY is now available for Algebra I. Learn more about by visiting their website!

Citation Generator from Academic Help

14 Sep
Citation Generator from Academic HelpAcademic Help is a website for students and teachers that is full of helpful resources.  They have writing guides and samples for different writing types, and host webinars on a variety of topics related to English Language Arts.  It’s a great resource for teachers looking for exemplar pieces of writing, and students looking for support as they work on an assignment.
AH_banner_250_208_newOne neat feature is their citation generator.  This free service is aimed to help the students format citations and create a bibliography list correctly.  Users can toggle between APA, MLA and Chicago style.  Students must locate information like Author, Editor and Edition, and the citation generator will format their citation in the selected style.  As students move up through their K-12 and post-secondary education, access to online resources can help them grow as writers.
Check out Academic Help’s citation generator feature by visiting their website!

Frolyc’s New Browser-Based App for Chromebooks, Macs and PCs!

10 Sep

Frolyc’s New Browser-Based App for Chromebooks, Macs and PCs!Frolyc is a terrific platform for K-12 teachers and students.  It lets users easily design interactive activities without the need to understand coding. In addition to their iPad app for students, Frolyc has now launched a browser-based app for students to interact with on Chromebooks, Macs and PCs.

With this new browser-based student app, Frolyc’s technology platform has become accessible within classrooms with access to desktops, laptops and tablets. Teachers can assign students activities they create, and can model academic creativity for students.  Students can also become content creators as they design activities to explore and explain their learning.

Learn more about Frolyc by visiting their website and see how students can use their browser-based app!


Imakiku for Active Learning: Real-Time Student Response Tool

31 Aug

Imakiku for Active Learning: Real-Time Student Response Tool

When students are part of an active learning environment they participate in class and collaborate with each other.  Imakiku is a real-time student response web-based tool designed to increase active learning in your classroom.  The only thing a teacher and their students need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With no extra devices or apps, classrooms can start to use Imakiku right away.

Imakiku for Active Learning: Real-Time Student Response ToolImakiku lets students quickly answer your questions and view the responses and comments of their classmates in real-time.  Used by over 300,000 students, this tool can work with students in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classrooms, or learning environments where students have access to a variety of devices.

Imakiku is free for everyone until 12/31/2015 and readers can use the promotion code 20150408_MQPDUAJFMQ to extend this offer until 3/31/2016.

Visit to to learn more!


Entrepreneurship in Action with Free Lesson Plans from Cashtivity

29 Aug
Entrepreneurship in Action with Free Lesson Plans from CashtivityCashtivity is an fantastic online platform for entrepreneurship education and project-based learning.  This year I’ve had the opportunity to contribute lesson plans to Cashtivity’s new Campus section of their website.  These lesson plans compliment the Cashtivity platform and were designed to help teachers integrate the business building tool into their school day.
Entrepreneurship in Action with Free Lesson Plans from CashtivityOne lesson plan I’ve designed for Cashtivity is titled Creating a Business Plan: Financial Math.  In this lesson students will create a business plan and make decisions in partners and small groups.  This lesson was designed to be used with the online Cashtivity tool.  Just like Cashtivity, these lesson plans are completely free.  They are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
Check out the lesson plans and learn more about Cashtivity by visiting their website!

QuBowl Online Quiz Bowl Platform

24 Aug
If you’ve ever coached Quiz Bowl, you know how tough it can be to not only motivate your players to train but also to track their progress. QuBowl is an online Quiz Bowl training platform that uses analytics to help students and teams train more effectively. Players can practice with category quizzes and daily practice rounds on the site, then see their rating, best and worst categories, and more. Instead of wasting time reading through broad question packets, students can see exactly where they are weakest and focus on that.
QuBowl Online Quiz PlatformQuBowl gives team leaders a bird’s eye view of their students’ skills in specific categories and lets them see how much work each student is putting in to improve. There is also a moderator section that team leaders can use to run practice tournaments with their players. This training tool is available to students as individuals or for teams as a whole with both monthly and yearly subscription options. .
Learn more by visiting QuBowl’s website!
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