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Money Pieces App for Teaching Values and Relationships 1

Money Pieces App for Teaching Values and Relationships

In the past few years I’ve shared some of my favorite apps from The Math Learning Center. Their new Money Pieces helps students visualize and understand money values and relationships. Versions of the app are available for web browsers as well as downloads for Apple, Windows, and Chrome devices. Money Pieces provides students two versions of coins and bills: virtual currency pieces that replicate the appearance and relative size of… Read Article →

Cloudschool Free Learning Management System for Teachers 1

Cloudschool Free Learning Management System for Teachers is a learning management system (LMS) that provides a simple, free way for teachers to plan and deliver lessons online. Teachers can publish lessons, homework, and assignments for students to access on any device – without students needing a log-in. Teachers can use Cloudshool’s simple tools to create dynamic, multimedia-rich courses. Each lesson can be linked to curriculum standard and teachers can reuse or modify lessons. … After teachers have created… Read Article →

Deeper Learning Cover Image

My New Book! Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m beyond excited to share with you my new book for Corwin Publishing, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom! It’s a resource for educators looking to thoughtfully and purposefully integrate scannable technology into their learning environment. There are tales from my one-to-one classroom and stories contributed by amazing educators from around the world. Deeper Learning includes my ACES Framework for scannable technology integration,… Read Article →

ABCya Games for Elementary Students on the Web

ABCya Games for Elementary Students on the Web

If you’re searching for a website with a large variety of content, ABCya is full of games for students from PreK to fifth grade.  These computer games cover a range of topics including English Language Arts and math topics.  The free games for elementary students on ABCya are engaging and educational – a good choice for after school and weekend enrichment or intervention. doesn’t require a log in and advertisements can be… Read Article →

Super Bowl Themed ELA & Math Questions from Edcite

Super Bowl Themed ELA & Math Questions from Edcite

 Formative assessments and homework don’t have to be boring. There are ways to assess the skills you’re teaching and make content engaging at the same time. Edcite is a digital platform that offers teachers the flexibility to create standards-aligned questions for any topic or current event. Giving students content that relates to their interests is a great way to ensure engagement. With Super Bowl 50 around the corner, why not… Read Article →

Online Games for Students DigiPuzzle for Skill Practice & Play

Online Games for Students: DigiPuzzle for Skill Practice & Play

DigiPuzzle is a resource for online games for students that covers a wide range of skills and interests.  This website includes educational games that cover math skills like fractions and multiplication and playful games related to topics like wintertime.  Finding online resources for students that keeps them interested and engaged can be a challenge, but DigiPuzzle has hundreds of games giving kids plenty to choose from. DigiPuzzle is a good choice for schools… Read Article →

Grammar Lessons: Video & Writing Exercises from GrammarFlip 1

Grammar Lessons: Video & Writing Exercises from GrammarFlip

GrammarFlip is a self-paced, instructional program that offers an extensive set of engaging grammar lessons. GrammarFlip contains over 50 instructional videos, each followed by practice exercises and writing application activities.  Students learn at their own pace from instructional videos, receive instant feedback from interactive practice exercises, and apply their knowledge through writing activities. Teachers can register on GrammarFlip for free and create online classrooms in which they can track their students’ progress… Read Article →

Greater Gator Comparing Numbers App for iPad

Greater Gator Comparing Numbers App for iPad

Greater Gator is a terrific comparing numbers app for early learners.  With Greater Gator students tap the screen to choose the largest number.  This simple and straightforward mobile app is great for math stations and interventions.  Students can use this comparing numbers app to reinforce this foundational math concept. Greater Gator has a kid-friendly interface and is easy for young learners to navigate.  Children tap the screen to choose their… Read Article →

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One More Story Online Library for Read Alouds

Listening to stories read aloud is an important literacy skill that help students build comprehension and a love for reading.  One More Story is an online library of children’s illustrated books set to music and read aloud.  Students can choose from a wide variety of books with stories from authors like Ezra Jack Keats, Eve Bunting and Cynthia Rylant. Each text is narrated and students can watch as text is highlighted… Read Article →

Adobe Slate on the Web iPad & Browser Creation Tool

Adobe Slate on the Web: iPad & Browser Creation Tool

Creation tools empower students to tell their own stories and demonstrate their understanding.  I’m a big fan of Adobe Slate which is available on the web and on iOS devices.  This powerful tool lets users create their own visual presentations hosted on the web.  Students combine images, text, and links and choose from multiple themes. Adobe Slate creations are connected to a link making it easy to share a final project… Read Article →