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How-to Start a Backchannel in Your Classroom-min

How-to Start a Backchannel in Your Classroom

A backchannel provides a space for people to chat about a shared experience in the moment. Twitter is used as a backchannel during popular events like the Superbowl or the season finale of a favorite television. In this instance everyone tweets using a hashtag as they watch a live event and you can see what other people are saying. In the classroom, a backchannel can be used for students to… Read Article →

Happy Numbers- Math Program for Kids-min

K-2 Math Tool You Might Be Missing (and a Chance to Get It for FREE!)

I’ve shared Happy Numbers before and I’m excited to announce their special promotion for teachers! This online resource supports differentiation by providing independent, individualized math instruction to students so teachers can focus on small groups. The adaptive scoring ensures students receive exactly enough practice to master a concept. Students receive immediate feedback and remediation for errors. The audio feature supports non-readers or those who struggle with directions. Happy Numbers is… Read Article →

Quizalize Individual Reports- Intervention Support for Students-min

Quizalize Individual Reports: Intervention Support for Students

Last year I shared Quizalize, a classroom tool that turns assessments into fun classroom quizzes. The folks behind this engaging platform have added a new feature called Individual Student Reports to provide intervention support for students. With Quizalize students are first praised for what they did well. Then kids are given a list of skills to practice based on their results. These topics are prioritized so students spend time on areas where… Read Article →

5 Tech Tools for Writing Prompts- Web, iOS & Android Apps-min

5 Tech Tools for Writing Prompts: Web, iOS & Android Apps

Finding inspiration and working through writer’s block can be a challenge for students of all ages. There are a handful of technology tools that bring writing prompts to the fingertips of anyone with access to a web browser or tablet. What I love about these tools are how they each address the idea of supporting struggling writers. You can use these tools in whole class activities, to support individuals, or for… Read Article →

10 Things You Need to Know About #ScannableTech

10 Things You Need to Know About #ScannableTech

Scannable technology lets users connect content to places and spaces for a variety of purposes. I believe that QR codes and augmented reality can transform teaching and learning when thoughtfully integrated into instruction. This month I had the chance to share my ACES Framework for #ScannableTech integration featured in my new book for Corwin Press, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom at… Read Article →

Digital Writing for Classrooms- Write About Web Tool & App-min

Digital Writing for Classrooms: Write About Web Tool & App

Are you using digital writing tools with students? The team at Write About has developed an online platform and mobile app to help students grow as writers inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve shared their iPad app across the country during professional development sessions on Writing Workshop with Technology with teachers. I’m very excited about their website! The Write About digital writing tool gives users access to: hundreds of visual ideas to… Read Article →

7 FREE Mobile & Web Tools from the National Archives-min

7 FREE Mobile & Web Tools from the National Archives

Looking for quality, free resources for your classroom? The National Archives apps and web resources are perfect for K-12 classrooms. Teachers can access lots of primary source documents, video clips, and interactive ebooks for students. All of these resources are totally free and you’ll find tools that work on mobile devices and web browsers. National Archives Apps & Web Tools DocsTeach DocsTeach has a fantastic website (in addition to their iOS and Android apps)… Read Article →

Shakespeare eBooks from The New Book Press-min

Shakespeare eBooks from The New Book Press

This month marks Shakespeare’s 452nd birthday and you’re bound to find information popping up about this great playwright. Teaching this 17th century writer to 21st century student can be tough – that’s where Shakespeare eBooks come in play. The The New Book Press’ WordPlay Shakespeare eBook series breathes new life into reading the Bard, by putting a filmed performance next to the text. Now, actors “walk onto the page” making comprehension easier and quicker… Read Article →


11 Must-Have Tech Resources for Parents

As a classroom teacher, parents often came to me looking for mobile apps, websites and resources to help their children grow as students. This list can be shared with families at a back-to-school night or open house. You might choose a few of these ideas to share on a monthly newsletter or simply forward this blog post to families. Here are a few of my favorite tech resources for parents!… Read Article →

Deeper Learning Cover Image

My New Book is Now Available! Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality

I’m beyond excited to share with you my new book for Corwin Press, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom! It’s a resource for educators looking to thoughtfully and purposefully integrate scannable technology into their learning environment. There are tales from my one-to-one classroom and stories contributed by amazing educators from around the world. Deeper Learning includes my ACES Framework for scannable technology integration, step-by-step… Read Article →