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Memory Cab for Customizable Study Sets

2 Apr
MemoryCabOne-2Memory Cab is an interactive app that lets users of all ages easily study sets of items.  They can practice with a matching game and recall those items with a spelling or multiple choice test.  With Memory Cab users have the ability to create content that connects to their own curriculum.  A wide variety of items can be added into Memory Cab including vocabulary words, multiplication flash card, sight words, study topics and even other languages – anything that is represented by a photo or text.
MemoryCabTwo-2Young learners with access to an iOS device will find Memory Cab a fun way to learn study items.  High school and college aged students can replace traditional flashcards with this customizable app.  Users can create study sets using images saved to the device from the Internet or snapped with their camera.  This is a great option for visual learners and English Language Learners.  It includes a study and game mode in addition to instant feedback and a gameplay summary.
Learn more by visiting their website or downloading Memory Cab on the Apple App Store!

Storm App for Weather Tracking

1 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.10.57 PMscreen480x480Bringing weather data into your classroom is a great way to make real world connections to content your students are studying.  Storm is a weather app that gives students and teachers access to lots of maps and data.  Users can search for different parts of the world thanks to Google Maps integration.  In addition to forecast data students can access maps and data layers.

Check out Storm on the Apple App Store for iPads!

Don’t forget to visit my Syllabuy page for tech-friendly lesson plans

First Aid App for iPads from the American Red Cross

31 Mar

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.41.46 AM screen480x480-3The American Red Cross has a handful of apps on weather safety for iPad users looking to plan and prepare for natural disasters.  They also have a great iPad app to help students of any age stay safe.  With First Aid children can learn about different ways to act in situations that require first aid.  There are photographs, informational text, and diagrams to help students understand the best steps to take in an emergency.  First Aid includes extra features including the ability to switch from English to Spanish and a quiz to check for understanding.

Learn more by visiting the Apple App Store!

Augmented Reality Coloring Pages

30 Mar

After reading this articlescreen480x480-1 Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.03.21 PM in the New York Times yesterday I started thinking about one of my favorite coloring apps for children.  No matter how old or young you are coloring requires a combination of skills that can be applied in various situations.  Combining coloring with augmented reality is an easy way to introduce this exciting technology to students.  The colAR Mix app (available for iOS and Android devices) is a super fun choice with plenty of free options.

Students first color the pages printed out from the companion website.  Then they hold their device with the colAR app open over the page.  Within seconds their creation comes to life thanks to their colorful augmented reality trigger.

Visit colAR Mix’s website to learn more!

Tocomail Drawing Board

28 Mar
drawing board2Earlier this year I shared Tocomail, a communication tools for classrooms.   Tocomail is fun for kids and can be used in various classroom projects.  In addition to simple text communication kids can create drawings and incorporate images in their drawings.  They can send these projects to their teacher and even receive replies.
drawing boardTocomail’s drawing board can be used during different types of communication.  This could include holiday postcards, birthday messages, greetings and for kids looking to send messages during breaks from school.  Tocomail is available on as free web-application, and on iPads and Android tablets as free app.
Learn more by checking out Tocomail’s video or visiting their website!

Noggin for Educational Videos

27 Mar

screen480x480-1Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.31.47 AMIf you’re familiar with the educational channel Noggin you have a good idea of the different kinds of content they provide for young viewers.  The television channel includes programs like Allegra’s Window and Oswald.  This app includes a long list of content including music for children.  Users can try out a free trial before deciding whether to sign up for the subscription.  Noggin is a great choice for brain breaks or stations in a Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom.

Learn more by visiting the Apple App Store!

Wonder Bunny Math Race App Series

26 Mar

Wonder_Bunny_Math_Learning_Kids_1200x627Wonder Bunny is a learning game series that covers content from preschool to third grade.  In Wonder Bunny learning games kids become teachers who help superheroes grow and learn new skills. The motivation comes from getting fun super powers and riding wacky vehicles like a flying carpet. While helping their game characters learn, kids learn math concepts and operations, all within an engaging game environment.

Wonder_Bunny_Math_Learning_1200x627Wonder Bunny series includes four math learning games for elementary school aged students. All games include thousands of math exercises and comprehensive learning analytics to monitor child’s learning.  The educational game series addresses the Common Core learning standards and each app can be downloaded individually.

Learn more about Wonder Bunny and see which app is right for your students by visiting their website!

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