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Dr. Panda Play & Communication App

Dr. Panda Play & Communication App

Dr. Panda Candy Factory is an app for young learners that provides a space to play, create and communicate.  Students can interact with the app on their own or play together with a peer, teacher or caregiver.  With this playful app students have space to explore a candy factory and make choices in the space.  In Dr. Panda Candy Factory kids experiment with color, flavor and shapes to create candy…. Read Article →

Coda Coding Game iPad Creation Tool for Students

Coda Coding Game: iPad Creation Tool for Students

Coda Game is a coding app for iPads that gives students the power to create their own games.  With this coding game, kids can build their own games with visual code blocks.  Students follow the steps and create their own game to play and share. The idea behind apps like Coda Game is how important it is to tech students foundational computer programming skills.  It doesn’t matter if students decide to… Read Article →

Creative Thinking App WonderBox Promotes Curiosity 1

Creative Thinking App: WonderBox Promotes Curiosity

WonderBox is a fantastic creative thinking app that promotes curiosity while giving kids a space to create. Students can explore, make and share with this completely free app.  WonderBox is from Duck Duck Moose the folks behind one of my favorite apps, ChatterPix Kids.  This app lets students explore science, geography and sports topics giving kids access to thousands of videos, map, and content handpicked by teachers. With WonderBox kids… Read Article →

Fractions App for Elementary Motion Math on iPad & Android

Fractions App for Elementary: Motion Math on iPad & Android

Motion Math: Fractions! is a fantastic fractions app for elementary school students.  This engaging app asks students to tap on the screen to answer fraction problems. It includes multiple levels for students to work through as they master fraction concepts.  One thing that I love about this app is how fun it is to play.  The folks at Motion Math have created lots of fun games that keep students interested in engaged…. Read Article →

Go Mobile with Spanish Language Learning: Level 3 Now Available!

Go Mobile with Spanish Language Learning: Level 3 Now Available!

Earlier this year I shared the Spanish language learning app ¡Así lo digo!  Level 3 of this engaging, easy-to-use app is now available.  It promotes proficiency and confidence through proper pronunciation, spelling and translation. ¡Así lo digo! offers a simple way to learn, practice, and review all of the vocabulary presented in ¡Así se dice! Users can choose to study vocabulary cards or challenge yourself with contextualized activities. Flashcards allow you to flip the card to learn the English… Read Article →

EdTech Spotlight 6 Duck Duck Moose Apps

EdTech Spotlight: 6 Duck Duck Moose Apps

Duck Duck Moose is a terrific educational app company that has made a handful of apps for mobile devices.  Their apps cover a variety of skills and give students a space to create.  On this list of apps you’re sure to find something that connects to a math or speaking and listening skill you’d like students to master. Moose Math (iOS, Android, Amazon) Moose Math includes games for students that teach… Read Article →

Comparing Numbers App Find Greater & Less Than on iPads

Comparing Numbers App: Find Greater & Less Than on iPads

With the Comparing Numbers app students can practice figuring out if one number is greater than, equal to, or less than another number.  This app is very straightforward and great for a quick practice routine after school or in a math station.  Students can tap on the screen to indicate which sign represents the relationship between the two numbers. This app has different levels for students to choose from including… Read Article →

PlayKids Stories eBook Library App Download, Read & Listen 2

PlayKids Stories eBook Library App: Download, Read & Listen

PlayKids Stories is a terrific eBook library app that lets students download stories on their iPad.  Kids can listen to a story read aloud or read by themselves.  One of the best things about having easy access to an eBook library is how easy it is to find engaging, high-interest stories.  Giving students the ability to pick and choose new books on a tablet can help them grow as independent… Read Article →

Typography and Graphic Design Tool from Over

Typography and Graphic Design Tool from Over

Over is a typographic and graphic design tool for iPads that gives users access to hundreds of fonts, illustrations and photographs.  Students who are creating visuals to demonstrate their understanding of a topic, or using visuals to compliment a piece of writing, will absolutely love this dynamic app. Over lets students customize their designs and export images easily.  It comes with plenty of options to choose from and users can download… Read Article →

Seedling Comic Studio Digital Storytelling App 1

Seedling Comic Studio: Digital Storytelling App

Seedling Comic Studio is an iPad app for making comic books.  By combining photographs with backgrounds and stickers, students can tell their own stories.  Graphic novels and comic books are fantastic ways to get students excited about reading.  If you’re looking to keep students interested in the writing process, a comic book can be a great final project for a narrative, opinion, or informational piece of writing. With Seedling Comic Studio… Read Article →