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The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for Tablets

30 Sep

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for TabletsThe Kinder Corral is an interactive math game available for iOS and Android devices.  This app included farm-themed games that explore math for Kindergarteners. The set of five games begins with tracing numbers and ends with greater than or less than comparisons.  Geared towards students preparing for Kindergarten, The Kinder Corral includes bright colors, playful animation and a journey through a farm using real world experiences.

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for TabletsIf you’re looking for an app that helps students build foundational math skills, The Kinder Corral is full of educational and engaging activities.  Kids will count newly hatched eggs, see relationships between shapes at a farm, and compare vegetables.  The Kinder Corrall has no in-app purchases or advertising and could be used for intervention or practice inside and out of school.

This totally free app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  Visit The Kinder Corral’s website to learn more!



Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math Game

23 Sep

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math GameOsmo is an amazing company that has transformed the way educators use iPads in the classroom.  Their interactive games let students combine tangible manipulatives with a digital device.  I was introduced to Osmo when it first came out and now they have a brand-new app and toy called Osmo Numbers.  Osmo Numbers turns math into an engaging, interactive experience that lets students explore number concepts.  With real time feedback kids can learn from their mistakes and problem solve as they work to find the answer.

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math GamePlaying with Osmo is really a must see to believe experience.  As you move the number tiles across a table the iPad registers them and connects your movements to the game.  The object of this underwater-themed game is to release the fish captured in bubbles by combining the numbered tiles to reach a matching sum.  Watch this video to see how Osmo Numbers works.  Osmo addresses a handful of skills including math sense where students learn from trial and error and collaboration as kids work together on a shared screen.

Visit Osmo’s website to learn more about Osmo Numbers and their other super fun apps!

Speed Reading Academy for iPads

22 Sep

Speed Reading Academy for iPadsSpeed Reading Academy is a fun, educational app that helps young readers build their fluency and stamina.  This interactive app is designed to help students increase their reading speed while playing along with the game.  Speed Reading Academy works in English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. While students make their way through each activity they will see simple words on the screen that increase in complexity.

Speed Reading Academy for iPadsAs students move through the levels of Speed Reading Academy they’ll be introduced to new words and improve the reading ability by eliminating subvocalization (saying the words in their head).  The exercises are designed to help kids recognize large chunks of words together the same way they internalize sight words.

Learn more about Speed Reading Academy by visiting the Apple App Store or watching this video!

Frolyc’s New Browser-Based App for Chromebooks, Macs and PCs!

10 Sep

Frolyc’s New Browser-Based App for Chromebooks, Macs and PCs!Frolyc is a terrific platform for K-12 teachers and students.  It lets users easily design interactive activities without the need to understand coding. In addition to their iPad app for students, Frolyc has now launched a browser-based app for students to interact with on Chromebooks, Macs and PCs.

With this new browser-based student app, Frolyc’s technology platform has become accessible within classrooms with access to desktops, laptops and tablets. Teachers can assign students activities they create, and can model academic creativity for students.  Students can also become content creators as they design activities to explore and explain their learning.

Learn more about Frolyc by visiting their website and see how students can use their browser-based app!


Easy Annotate: Simple & Dynamic PDF Tool

6 Sep
Easy Annotate: Simple & Dynamic PDF Tool Easy Annotate is a fantastic iPad app that gives teachers and students a simple and dynamic way to interact with documents.  Users can upload PDF documents to Easy Annotate for side-by-side editing.  Easy Annotate lets students highlight, write, and take notes all over documents.  It’s a great choice for researchers and readers interacting with text on their mobile device.
Easy Annotate: Simple & Dynamic PDF ToolWith Dropbox and Google Drive support, Easy Annotate can be used in classrooms using a variety of workflows.  There is support for creating notes in RTF format and an integrated web browser with download support for PDF documents.  Easy Annotates includes automatic conversion of Microsoft Word, Pages, Numbers, and Excel files to PDF when opening them in the app.
Learn more about Easy Annotate by visiting their website or download their app on the Apple App Store!

Imakiku for Active Learning: Real-Time Student Response Tool

31 Aug

Imakiku for Active Learning: Real-Time Student Response Tool

When students are part of an active learning environment they participate in class and collaborate with each other.  Imakiku is a real-time student response web-based tool designed to increase active learning in your classroom.  The only thing a teacher and their students need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With no extra devices or apps, classrooms can start to use Imakiku right away.

Imakiku for Active Learning: Real-Time Student Response ToolImakiku lets students quickly answer your questions and view the responses and comments of their classmates in real-time.  Used by over 300,000 students, this tool can work with students in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classrooms, or learning environments where students have access to a variety of devices.

Imakiku is free for everyone until 12/31/2015 and readers can use the promotion code 20150408_MQPDUAJFMQ to extend this offer until 3/31/2016.

Visit to to learn more!


Action Graphing: Math & Physics iPad App

19 Aug

Action Graphing: Multitouch Math Practice iPad App Gamification is a powerful way to engage students in the science and math classroom. The Universe and More, a nonprofit company founded by a high school teacher, has released a new game called Action Graphing. This iPad app helps students understand key concepts related to graphing.  Students will learn how to analyze and interpret graphs to model the motion of real objects.  They’ll see how the slope of the line represents an object’s velocity and the y-intercept of the line represents the object’s position.

Action Graphing: Multitouch Math Practice iPad AppAction Graphing helps teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of individual students during graphing lessons.  It’s a great option for students who need extra practice at home or for teachers to recommend to families during an Open School Night.  Action Graphing has over sixty levels for students to move through and saves data to document student progress.

Visit Action Graphing’s website to learn more!

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