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Marble Math on Android Tablets

23 Mar

MM-emaildroidThe amazing Marble Math family of apps are now available for Android tablets and phones.  The Marble Math apps blend arcade-style gaming with problem solving, strategy, and math drills for a truly engaging and educational experience. Kids can choose to roll or drag their marble through a series of fun math mazes in pursuit of a high score. Marble Math Junior covers skills like shape recognition, and sequencing numbers, just to name a few.  Marble Math includes operations, decimals, counting money, and more. 

mm3_1024_JR_v4march2015The suite of three math practice apps are highly flexible, offering a wide range of Common Core-aligned math concepts to target learning for kids ages 5-12. Parents and teachers can create multiple user accounts and customize style of play, skill sets, and levels for each player.

Marble Math (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon) and Marble Math Junior (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon) debut at $2.99 each, and Marble Math Lite: Multiplication is free to download (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon)!

Science Today: iPad Magazine

19 Mar

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.18.16 PMscreen480x480Science Today is a terrific free app for iPads that brings quality informational text to the fingertips of your students.  Kids can read about a variety of high interest topics.  They’ll interact with a wide range of content while building their skills as nonfiction readers.  This app could be used to enhance a science lesson, provide background knowledge, or just give students a space to read about animals, ecosystems, or any topic that grabs their attention.

Whether your students are in a one-to-one classroom or you’re simply looking for content to distribute to their computer screens, Science Today is worth checking out!

9 Mobile Apps for Poetry Month

18 Mar

9-2Here’s a preview of my new post for Edutopia – click on the link below to read more!

With Poetry Month right around the corner, optimize the mobile tablets that are already in the hands of your students by giving them the chance to interact with poetry. Whether they become content consumers by reading their favorite poems or content creators as they write their own, iPad and Android tablets provide students and teachers with lots of options. This list of mobile apps will help inspire young poets and give them the tools they need to create and publish their very own poems.

Acrostic Poems (iPadAndroid - Free)

This easy-to-use creation tool is perfect for young poets. Students can choose a focus word and then decide which new words they will assign to each letter. It helps kids build an acrostic poem and easily save and share their work. It’s one of a handful of apps on this list from ReadWriteThink, which offers mobile resources for both iOS and Android devices.

…Click HERE to read more!

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Mathspace: Step-by-Step Math Handwriting for iPad

17 Mar

Mathspace2Students can now show every line of their math work on iPad and other tablets, writing all their steps by hand on screen. Mathspace digitizes each handwritten line and grades it automatically, giving students immediate, formative feedback at every step of the way – like having a teacher at their side. This is a huge step forward from multiple choice or single-input response math questions that most students and teachers are used to seeing on digital platforms.

Mathspace1Available for Grades 6 through Algebra II, Mathspace’s powerful adaptive engine selects questions tailored to a student’s ability, creating a personalized learning path. Teachers no longer grade work, and have diagnostic tools pinpointing where their students and classes have conceptual difficulties. With over 12,000 interactive questions, instructional videos and lessons, and a points-based incentive system Mathspace makes it easy to keep students engaged.

Learn more by watching this video or download the app for free! for Science Fair Projects

16 Mar

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.29.31 is a web and mobile tool for teachers and students to easily create their own multimedia content. The fun digital canvas makes it easy for students to add the power of digital media to all kinds of school projects, especially to their science fair posters.

Using buncee’s new QR code generator and design library of science stickers and animations, students can easily create digital presentations to be printed out for science fair posters, and include a QR code on the printouts for all the fair attendees to scan.  Students can enhance their proje
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.29.40 AMct explanations using multimedia, and anyone who scans the QR code can view an interactive version of the printouts. They can play videos related to the experiment, listen to a student’s audio recordings, access links to online sources, and much more.

Science artwork and animations in buncee’s design library can help kids express their ideas and findings in a fun and simple way.  Young learners can even attach audio to their stickers and animations to create beakers and planets that speak. Including all these forms of media in their projects, students will learn how to study and research credible science sources online, and they will engage with the content as they create their multimedia posters.

Try creating science buncees with your students this month. Draw inspiration from these science fair project examples to get started, and check out the new science stickers to share with your students!


News-O-Matic Site License for Schools

8 Mar
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.51.15 PM This year I’ve highlighted some of the reasons that I love News-O-Matic as a source of quality informational text for students.  This app is available on multiple platforms including iPads, Android tablets, and the Kindle Fire.  News-O-Matic‘s content can be accessed by teacher and student subscribers on all of their devices at no extra cost – this includes both school and personal devices.
Students can now use their school login at home during out of school hours, including holidays and vacations.  screen480x480-1Teachers can give personalized assignments or homework straight from the app.  If you’re interested in learning more about News-O-Matic you can receive a licenses quote right by clicking this link.  If you use the code classtechtips this month you’ll receive 20% off.
Visit News-O-Matic’s website to learn more about this powerful app!

Build Sentences with Sentopiary: Grammar Practice on iPads

4 Mar
Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.53.06 AMSentopiary is a fun and simple app for learning grammar by building sentences.   With a clean and crisp user interface, the colorful word parts stand out on the screen and make it easy for students to navigate.  The app has four levels that match national curriculum in elementary and middle school classrooms by altering levels of complexity and vocabulary.
05_HikerFinalIn the classroom this app can be used for whole class modeling, individual practice or even literacy stations.  Kids can use Sentopiary at home or afterschool to practice grammar and sentence structure. This iPad app has two modes.   The sentence creation mode lets users choose a level of difficulty and then build sentences.  In Sentopiary‘s challenge mode students are given a sentence and asked to match the grammar structure (articles, verbs, nouns, pronouns, etc.) with the words in the sentence.
Learn more about Sentopiary by visiting their website!
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