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Reading Library for Kids on iPads – EPIC!

21 Jun

screen480x480-2Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 4.04.08 PMEPIC! is a subscription-based ebook library for students.  This iPad app gives elementary-school aged readers access to thousands of books straight from their device.  Kids can set their preferences, browse the collection and earn badges for their achievements.  This engaging app is great for reluctant readers or students struggling to find a just-right book that also captures their interest.

Users can try EPIC! for free for the first month before committing to the subscription service.  Whether you use this on a handful of devices in your classroom or simply recommend it to families with tablets in their home, EPIC! has lots to offer.

Visit the Apple App Store to download EPIC! or learn more by visiting their website!

Here’s a few list of apps…

Virtual Base 10 Blocks: Endless Manipulatives and Annotation!

19 Jun

screen480x480-1 Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.30.54 AMI’ve shared some of my favorite virtual tools for the iPad (here’s 23) and one fantastic free app I love is Number Pieces. This app simulates base ten blocks and lets students manipulate the pieces and annotate their screen.  Students can take screenshots of their work and import the pictures into apps like Explain Everything or ShowMe.  Then they can discuss what the steps they took to solve a problem and you can hear their explanation.

It’s perfect for children learning place value, addition, and subtraction, and teachers who want their students to explain their work.  Number Pieces is an iPad app but also available on web browsers making it a great choice for Chromebook classrooms.

Not teaching place value? Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plans for using apps to teach: SymmetryFractionsPolygonsGraphingand more using iPads with your students!

7 Must-Have Digital Storytelling Apps for iPads

16 Jun

Digital Storytelling Apps for iPadsHere’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!


The iPad is a powerful creation tool in the hands of students.  Digital storytelling activities empower children to recount moments from their own life, explain their understanding of a topic, or persuade an audience.  Across the content areas, digital storytelling tasks can provide a real audience for students and a chance for them to capture their own voice.

On iPads there are a variety of apps that turn students into creators and storytellers.  Students can use these apps independently to tell their own story or with a partner to create collaboratively.  You’ll want to outline a task, provide scaffolding where needed and give students space to be creative.  Each app on this list has exciting and unique features that can be tailored for a wide range of learners.

Shadow Puppet EDU

With this narrated slideshow app students can…

…Click HERE to read more!

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Brainspace: Augmented Reality Enhanced Print Magazine

13 Jun
Brainspace Summer 2015I’m a huge fan of augmented reality and want to share a magazine that is using this technology to engage readers. Brainspace is an educational print magazine that is interactive with iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets and Android smartphones. The pages come to life with extra content for 8-14 year old students as soon as they scan with the augmented reality app Blippar.
To get an idea of what this looks like in action, watch the triceratops on the cover of their latest issue by clicking this link.  You can help motivate young readers to explore traditional print resources and give them a way to engage using technology. This magazine includes math, language, french, history, chemistry, biology, and geography content just to name a few.  Brainspace is a Parents’ Choice Awards Gold Medal Recipient and a great resource for informational text.
Learn more about Brainspace by visiting their website!

Otus Learning Management System: Student Blog Tool

12 Jun

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.22.31 AMOtus is a free learning management system designed by teachers for teachers. It is an easy-to-use, powerful classroom tool that brings the best iPad and Chromebook education features together in one place. Since Otus is free, teachers are taking advantage of all of the great features it offers. The best way to begin using this tool is by choosing one feature to try first.

unnamedThe Blog feature in Otus is a great way for your students to practice writing.  With the blogging tool students can post, comment and share ideas in a safe, teacher-controlled environment. You can see all student blogs in one place and quickly reference the progress of each student’s writing.  Otus lets you tag student posts with Common Core and other standards to track evidence of learning and mastery.  You can control privacy and access privileges for your classes — whether students can see one another’s blog posts, comment on one another’s blogs, or if the blogs are private between you and the student.  It’s a great option for helping students collaborate, share ideas, images and comments with students in other classes, schools or country.

Otus is available for iPad, Chromebook and any Web-Enabled Device. Learn more by visiting their website!

Mirroring360 by Splashtop: A Fantastic BYOD Tool

11 Jun

For Monica - main m360 imageI’ve mentioned Mirroring360 in the past as fantastic tool for classrooms. Being able to mirror not just iPads but also Android devices, Chromebooks, Macs and PCs makes it a powerful, platform agnostic solution for BYOD environments.

For Monica - massist imageMirroring360 now offers new features – one of which is called Mirroring Assist.

This feature enables devices to mirror across large networks without using Bonjour – invaluable for IT. It also uses a QR code or 9-digit mirroring ID to connect, making it easy for teachers and students to mirror their devices. Teachers can easily save recently connected computers in a favorite list for future connections. In a BYOD environment students with any device can mirror their screen so teachers and students can connect, model, and share easily.

Visit their website to learn more about Mirroring Assist or other Splashtop’s Education products.

PS Want to try Mirroring360 for free at home over the summer? Then take advantage of Splashtop’s Free Summer Promotion!

Language Learning with Drawp – Support ELL Students

10 Jun
Drawp for School flower voice stickers Drawp is a powerful app for teachers looking to engage students and manage their classroom workflow.  Teachers working with English Language Learners, or students learning a second language, love the voice recording features in Drawp.  Teachers can add voice stickers to any worksheet that they have by using Drawp.  The voice recording feature lets teachers give directions to students, like asking them to label images in Drawp. Then teachers can give feedback or correct pronunciation with their own voice stickers on the assignment.
Drawp for School ELLStudents can work with worksheets on Drawp, can draw or take a photo as part of the assignment, and then add the text and/or voice stickers.  This can all happen as they can collaborate with other students and get feedback from the teacher. Drawp is a powerful communication and learning tool for language learners and for language teachers.

Learn more about using Drawp in your classroom by visiting their website!

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