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App Update: Brand New iTunes U

6 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.30.06 AMiTunes U is a terrific tool for creating your own course and easily distributing materials to students.  It lets teachers set up a course that can be accessed on an iPad.  Students can watch, read and listen to a variety of multimedia organized by their teacher.  It’s a great choice for flipping your classroom and keeping students on task throughout the semester.

This week Apple is rolling out new features for iTunes U that will be game changers in many learning environments.  Teachers will now be able to access the course manager directly from their iPad instead of logging into a website on a computer.  This will let them make changes and upload content including pictures and video straight from their iPad.  In private courses students will be able to participate in discussions for a collaborative learning experience.  Learn more from Apple’s official announcement or visit their iTunes U page.

ISTE Round-up: Apps and Resources

5 Jul

ISTE was a whirlwind!  I met so many passionate and inspiring educators including lots of people from my Twitter PLN.  It was wonderful to have a chance to share some of my favorite apps for teaching Common Core Math and English Language Arts.  Here are the two slide decks from my poster session and BYOD workshop.

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App Combo: Foldify and QR Codes

4 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.37.40 AMThere are lots of ways to distribute QR codes to students and I discuss a handful of tips in my Udemy course on QR codes and differentiated instruction.  This year at ISTE in Atlanta, I shared with teachers one easy way to add QR codes to three-dimensional shapes.  Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.49.11 AM

The app Foldify lets users create a template for a variety of three-dimensional shapes.  Instead of drawing a picture or adding family photos, I used a QR code generator on my iPad, saved the pictures to the Camera Roll, and placed them on my Folidify creation.  They are easy to assemble after your print them out and great for having students roll a dice for a mystery writing prompt or math problem.

Foldify isn’t a free app but it is definitely easy to use and a great choice for creating your own three-dimensional shapes!

Papermals Kindergarten Primer for iOS

3 Jul

Papermals_TSBillboard_ApplePapermals Pre-K is a brand new app designed for children ages 4-6 who are getting ready for kindergarten.  For use on all iOS devices – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch – kids will be able to interact with each activity as they practice math skills.  Covering everything from shapes, and coins to counting, children are sure to master the skills they need before entering the classroom.  post_03_tablet


If you are looking for an app to support early elementary school students who are struggling with foundational skills, or simply recommend an app to Pre-K parens, Papermals is worth checking out.  With a kid-friendly interface and bright graphics, children will love this educational app.  Papermals Pre-K is available in both English and Spanish.  To learn more visit their website or the App Store!

App Update: Common Core Mobile App

28 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.29.37 PMI’ve already shared some reasons why I love having MasteryConnect’s Common Core app on my mobile devices.  If you are new to the Common Core or are diving into a new grade level this school year you may want to check out the search feature.  It allows you to type in keywords to figure out which skills connect to different standards.  This is a great option for quickly searching through the standards while you’re on the go!Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.29.09 PM

Make sure to download this app on your iOS and Android devices!

Adobe Sketch on iPads

27 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.21.52 AMI recently shared Sketchbook Express, a fantastic free app for drawing on iPads.  If you are looking for another high quality creation tool you’ll want to check out Adobe Sketch.  It’s a dynamic tool that provides lots of neat features for students.  Students can easily share and save their work and even connect to a pen tool.  The tutorial is straightforward and will definitely help answer questions as you dive into this app.Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.22.08 AM

You’ll need to set up a free Adobe account and upgrade to a monthly subscription plan if you want to store a large number of drawings within Adobe Sketch.  Download it for free today!

Use Remind to Reach Parents and Students

26 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.01.05 AMRemind is a fantastic platform for helping teachers and schools reach students and families.  Formerly known as Remind101, this web and app based tool lets users send text messages to a large group without having to worry about collecting phone numbers or giving out their own.  Teachers can schedule messages to remind families when assignments are due or to bring in a permission slip for an upcoming trip.  It even has the ability to attach photos, documents and PDFs to messages.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.01.20 AMCheck out all of the exciting features Remind offers teachers – it’s totally free!

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