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Creative Writing Prompts App for iOS: Ideas, Notebook and More

2 Aug

Creative Writing Prompts App for iOS: Ideas, Notebook and MoreCreative Writing Prompts App for iOS: Ideas, Notebook and MoreThere are a handful of apps that help students brainstorm and collect their writing.  You can find some of my favorites here.  Creative Writing Prompts is another iOS app that can help students gather ideas and start writing.  This app combines prompts with a space to write and even lets users set up reminders to write on a regular basis.

Creative Writing Prompts is a great choice for students who need extra support to stay focused.  It’s also a useful option for English Language Arts classes that are looking to give students support as they gather ideas.

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Exploring Character Perspectives: An iPad Lesson Idea

31 Jul

Exploring Character Perspectives: An iPad Lesson IdeaHere’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!

Using iPads during your literacy block can help students engage with text and content on a new level.  There is no one app that is going to teach them how to be amazing readers, but there are plenty of apps that can support the tasks that you create for students.  One of my favorite activities for getting students thinking about their reading includes the use of the fantastic, free iPad app ChatterPix Kids.

ChatterPix Kids lets students take a picture, slice open the mouth, and record their voice talking through the image.  In the reading classroom you can…


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15 Free Apps for Classroom Management

30 Jul

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Imagination Playground 3D Builder App

27 Jul

Imagination Playground 3D Builder App On tablets students have the opportunity to create their own worlds.  With the 3D Builder App for iPads and Android devices, students can play with an endless supply of blocks and tools.  This app from Imagination Playground was designed to help students increase their play time and support child-directed play.  Students can work freely and use their creativity as they explore the 3D Builder App.

Imagination Playground 3D Builder AppThe 3D Builder App supports purposeful play while encouraging students to be creative.  Just like foam blocks students can stack, connect, and channel to make their own buildings within the app.  In addition to problem solving, students can strengthen their motor skill development and work towards the accomplishment of finishing their creation.  The folks at Imagination Playground also have foam blocks that mirror the ones in the 3D Builder App.

Check out Imagination Playground’s 3D Builder App or visit their website to learn about the Build-A-Thon promotion taking place through 9/15/15!

Explore Congress on iPads: Multimedia, Facts & Local Reps

24 Jul

Explore Congress on iPads: Multimedia, Facts & Local RepsExplore Congress on iPads: Multimedia, Facts & Local RepsMyCongress is an iPad app that helps students and teachers learn more about the folks that represent each state.  Users can search and bookmark different representatives.  The information with each entry includes Twitter links, video clips and information on each person’s background.

This app could be used with students investigating their local representatives or learning more about a particular part of the country.  It’s an easy reference tool for students using mobile devices.  Whether students are composing letters to a Senator as part of a persuasive writing project or creating questions for mock interviews, MyCongress is worth exploring.

Visit the App Store to download this free app!

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History Channel

18 Jul

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History Channel There are lots of great educational apps from the History Channel, and I’ve shared a few I like earlier this year.  The new app Age of Explorers lets students navigate the seas alongside famous historical figures.  Completely free and plenty of fun, Age of Explorers asks students to follow the journey of different explorers from Christopher Columbus to Vasco Da Gama.  They’ll earn points and unlock new levels as they make their way across the world.

Age of Explorers: iPad Game from the History ChannelThis iPad app might be something that you use to grab the attention of students before kicking off a new unit of study.  You might also add it to a parent newsletter to keep families aware of games that connect to your curriculum.

Visit the Apple App Store to download Age of Explorers!

15 Free Apps for Math Practice

17 Jul

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