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Junior Coder App to Support 21st Century Skills 2

Junior Coder App to Support 21st Century Skills

The Junior Coder app supports 21st century skill development by providing students exposure and practice with computer programming skills.  The app teaches basic analytical skills, logical thinking and problem solving.  Kids will start to think about problems and solutions and how to break up big task into smaller units.  Each programming concept is introduced in a new game giving students a chance to practice each skill on its own. Junior Coder lets kids… Read Article →

Deeper Learning Cover Image

My New Book! Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m beyond excited to share with you my new book for Corwin Publishing, Deeper Learning with QR Codes and Augmented Reality: A Scannable Solution for Your Classroom! It’s a resource for educators looking to thoughtfully and purposefully integrate scannable technology into their learning environment. There are tales from my one-to-one classroom and stories contributed by amazing educators from around the world. Deeper Learning includes my ACES Framework for scannable technology integration,… Read Article →

Counting App CarTally to Compare & Sort 1

Counting App CarTally to Compare & Sort

CarTally is a counting app that introduces students to comparing and sorting. With this app students can access four levels as they explore counting and categorizing.  Designed for kids ages 4-8, CarTally asks students to sort different colors and count tally marks on the screen. In the CarTally counting app students move through the country, to a bridge, into a small town and city.  The tasks presented to students increases as they… Read Article →

Personalized Adaptive Learning Program ClassK12

Personalized Adaptive Learning Program ClassK12

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments are popular in schools where students have access to a variety of devices or where students have a device from home they use at school.  ClassK12  is a personalized adaptive learning program for K-5 ELA and Math.  It works on iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops, and Android devices.  Students can login to their ClassK12 account using their Google, Microsoft, or Clever ID. With ClassK12 students can access an online practice platform, assignments, and downloadable worksheets…. Read Article →

SAT App from Zinkerz: Adaptive, Comprehensive Study Tool 1

SAT App from Zinkerz: Adaptive, Comprehensive Study Tool

The team at Zinkerz has developed an SAT app designed to help students prepare for this college entry exam.  Availabe in the Apple App Store for iPads and iPhones, and the Google Play Store for Android devices, Prep For The SAT Test contains adaptive material that senses and personalizes to each student’s needs.  It offers detailed performance tracking so students know which areas they’ve mastered and where they’ll need to spend… Read Article →

iPad Comic Creator Updated Features from Comics Head

iPad Comic Creator: Updated Features from Comics Head

Last year I shared Comics Head, an engaging app for storytellers.  Students of all ages can create their own comics, storyboards, and presentations with the iPad app Comics Head.  With the new update to Comics Head (version 3.0) students and teachers have access to handful of new exciting features in this iPad comic book creator app. Comics Head 3.0 includes an Asset Store where you can download more art assets of your choice… Read Article →

National Parks Guide & Maps Apps from REI

National Parks Guide & Maps: Apps from REI

The National Parks Guide and Maps apps from REI are terrific for students and teachers on the ground and in the classroom. Whether you’re taking students on a park visit or incorporating a virtual trip into a lesson, the REI apps for iOS and Android are worth checking out. These apps include trail maps and guides for a handful of national parks including the Grand Canyon and Mount Rainier. If you’re… Read Article →

Ecosystem App for iPads iBiome-Wetland Exploration

Ecosystem App for iPads: iBiome-Wetland Exploration

iBiome-Wetland is an ecosystem app for iPads that is perfect for students exploring biodiversity. With this app kids will learn about the wetland habitat and the species that live there. This app includes challenges for students and lets them build marshes and swamps. In iBiome-Wetland, Professor Bio guides students as they interact with food webs and explore wetland habitats including fresh water marsh, salt water marsh and mangrove swamp. Students will interact with a handful… Read Article →

Dr. Panda Play & Communication App

Dr. Panda Play & Communication App

Dr. Panda Candy Factory is an app for young learners that provides a space to play, create and communicate.  Students can interact with the app on their own or play together with a peer, teacher or caregiver.  With this playful app students have space to explore a candy factory and make choices in the space.  In Dr. Panda Candy Factory kids experiment with color, flavor and shapes to create candy…. Read Article →

Coda Coding Game iPad Creation Tool for Students

Coda Coding Game: iPad Creation Tool for Students

Coda Game is a coding app for iPads that gives students the power to create their own games.  With this coding game, kids can build their own games with visual code blocks.  Students follow the steps and create their own game to play and share. The idea behind apps like Coda Game is how important it is to tech students foundational computer programming skills.  It doesn’t matter if students decide to… Read Article →