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Cognitive Skills Assessment for PreK Students from Miss Humblebee’s Academy

23 Apr

Image-1Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an online curriculum for preschool through kindergarten aged children.  It includes activities in language and literacy, math, social studies and science, art, and music.  Mobile access makes it easy for children to view content on any device – whether they are at home or in the classroom.

ProgressReportsIconThere is now a Cognitive Skills Assessment built into Miss Humblebee’s Academy Kindergarten Prep Program.  It helps identify what children know so better information is available to teachers and parents about their child’s progress and learning.  When children start using Miss Humblebee’s Academy, parents can decide if they want their child to take a Cognitive Skills Assessment to determine a child’s strengths and weaknesses in particular subjects and problem solving areas.  As the child progresses through the curriculum, they can take additional assessments to help track growth and comprehension.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy now works on Android Smart Phones and they are also giving a 50% discount to all Class Tech Tips followers! Visit their website to sign up and learn more.

DigiPuppets Tablet Toy for Interactive Game Play

21 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.25.30 AM-2DigiPuppets is a new educational toy and app company that combines a simple, classic toy with interactive apps to tell powerful stories that teach.  DigiPuppets are classic finger puppets with a twist – they work on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.  Kids pop Honey Bunny, or Zip the Zebra, on their finger and then tap and swipe their way through DigiPuppets’ suite of educational apps.

HH&P menu-2DigiPuppets will be launching later this month but I had a chance to try it out early. I love toys that interact with mobile devices and promote productive talk around an activity.  The addition of a physical toy – this small and powerful DigiPuppet – to a digital play pattern boosts engagement.  There are three educational games built into their app Honey’s Hide & Peek.  Users will follow the adventures of Honey Bunny as they play hide and seek, enjoy a creative magic show and help Honey Bunny finish her chores.  The activities will help students build math and language arts skills – it’s perfect for Pre-K through first grade students.  There are two other noteworthy DigiPuppet apps: Honey Bunny Learns to Share and Zip’s Learning Adventure.

Learn more by visiting DigiPuppet’s website! 


14 Math Edugames for Students

11 Apr

Here’s a list of 14 Math Edugames!  Whether you use these for enrichment, intervention, in stations, or simply recommend a favorite to families, you’re sure to find something to meet the needs of your students.

Have a favorite that’s not on this list? Leave a comment or send a message sharing an app that you love!

Check out my earlier post 10 Must-Have Free Math Apps for more favorites!


Adobe Slate: Amazing Storytelling Tool

10 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.03.59 AMI’m a big fan of the storytelling app Adobe Voice.  If you’ve attended one of my workshops this year you know I can’t stop talking about how powerful and easy it is to use.  Adobe has just released an amazing new storytelling tool that is just as exciting.  Adobe Slate is an iPad app that lets users of all ages create stories that can be viewed on any web browser.  Combining text, images and hyperlinks, students can transform research reports, persuasive writing, digital portfolios, you name it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.12.04 AMAdobe Slate is truly a creation tool and fits perfectly with my message of Tasks Before Apps.  With this app students can create content for authentic audiences and share their work with the real world.  The final product is truly beautiful and introduces students to the concept of web publishing and design.

Check out this video to see Adobe Slate in action, click on this student work example, or visit the Apple App Store to download Adobe Slate for free today!

Collect School and Student Data with TRAIN

9 Apr

unnamedSchools and districts looking to change the way they collect data on school climate and student behavior will want to check out TRAIN.  This mobile tool is designed for school-wide data collection, analysis, and communication.  With dedicated iOS and Android apps, teachers and school leaders can collect data easily, in real time.  This includes information on student behavior and school disruptions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 4.53.02 PMWith easy setup and quick data input schools are using TRAIN to review information on the go to make decisions for their school.  Teachers and school leaders can access detailed reports that make it easy to review and share data.  This platform is simple yet customizable so teachers can add details to student reports without dedicating extra time or energy.

Learn more about TRAIN and sign up to pilot this program in you school or classroom by visiting their website!


Canaryflow for Simplifying Classroom Workflow

8 Apr

Grading ToolCanaryflow is designed to help teachers and students follow a simple workflow inside and outside of the classroom.  With this tool a teacher creates a lesson, adds an assignment, and schedules the lesson.  Students access the lesson and assignment, and submit the work for the assignment.  The teacher then collects the assignment, annotates and grades the assignment, and publishes grades.  Students can then review grades and annotations.

Today Screen.TeacherCanaryflow makes it simple for students to submit work using their camera, PDF files, Google Drive, or Dropbox.  Teachers can tap the screen to access assignments and provide feedback.  The interface makes it easy for both teacher and students to stay organized.  There is an integrated grader feature that makes teacher feedback manageable for users, as well as the ability to work offline.

Learn more about Canaryflow by visiting their website!

NoteLedge Ultimate App

6 Apr

English_education_01 NoteLedge Ultimate is the brand new version of the NoteLedge series of apps. Compared with the free version I shared last year, the new NoteLedge Ultimate features a sleek, clean look, and calendar integration with local and Google Calendar.  It has a full-screen web clipper, brush tools, new file managers and more.  NoteLedge Ultimate is a universal app that can users download once and have on both their iPhone and iPad.

NoteLedge_CalendarIn the classroom, NoteLedge Ultimate supports text, images, audio, video, table tools, and freehand drawing. It is an ideal tool for taking notes, organizing mixed media contents, visual thinking, and documentation.  This app comes with a set of ten brushes for handwriting, drawing, coloring, highlighting, and drawing shapes.  A full screen built-in browser for students and teachers to clip online contents instantly paste to notes. The web clips can also be saved in iPad photo library for other usages.  Users can also add notes to their personal iOS or Google Calendar in PDF format and sync and back up notes.

Learn more by visiting NoteLedge Ultimate’s website and the Apple App Store or watch their video to see this app in action!


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