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Build Sentences with Sentopiary: Grammar Practice on iPads

4 Mar
Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.53.06 AMSentopiary is a fun and simple app for learning grammar by building sentences.   With a clean and crisp user interface, the colorful word parts stand out on the screen and make it easy for students to navigate.  The app has four levels that match national curriculum in elementary and middle school classrooms by altering levels of complexity and vocabulary.
05_HikerFinalIn the classroom this app can be used for whole class modeling, individual practice or even literacy stations.  Kids can use Sentopiary at home or afterschool to practice grammar and sentence structure. This iPad app has two modes.   The sentence creation mode lets users choose a level of difficulty and then build sentences.  In Sentopiary‘s challenge mode students are given a sentence and asked to match the grammar structure (articles, verbs, nouns, pronouns, etc.) with the words in the sentence.
Learn more about Sentopiary by visiting their website!

Pixie Combines Text and Artwork for Understanding

3 Mar

Pixie-app-screenshot-tornado-project Pixie is a fantastic creation tool for students that lets them combine artwork with text and voice recording to demonstrate understanding.  It can be used across the curriculum for students in any subject area.  Pixie is creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding.  By combining text, original artwork, voice narration, and images students can show what they have learned about any topic that they are studying in school.

Pixie-app-screenshot-tornado-project02There is an online version of Pixie called Wixie that is perfect for students working in the cloud.  Whether your school uses Windows and Macintosh computers, netbooks, iPads or Android tablets, students can use Pixie as an engaging learning tool. 

Pixie’s website includes a tutorial and lots of ideas for how to use this tool in the classroom.  Visit their site to learn more about how you can get started using Pixie with your students!


Increase Parent Engagement By Sharing Student Learning With Seesaw

27 Feb
Seesaw is an iPad app that captures student work making it easy to share with teachers and families.  With this app students can snap a picture of their work, record their voice and quickly show off what they have learned.  As more and more people use their phones to keep track of what is going on in the world, parents and families can use Seesaw to check in on their child’s school day.
Seesaw gives teachers an easy way to engage parents with short, visual updates that are perfect for mobile devices.  Teachers can connect students to parent accounts to send personalized updates on their learning.  With a tap of their screen they can show off student creations and keep parents up to date with what is happening in their child’s classroom.
Learn more about Seesaw by visiting their website!


TinyTap’s New Challenge Mode

25 Feb

TinyTap Challenge Mode - Play  to winTinyTap is a fantastic free app for tablets that has a new Challenge Mode.  Just like your students’ favorite games and quizzes it includes leaderboards, time limits, and lives.  They have a demo game to try and a collection of trivia games on their site that can inspire teachers as they create activities for students.

In Challenge Mode, TinyTap users can create lots of different type of games, this includes:

  • Class Quiz - Create timed quizzes with scores and winners. Suitable for both take-home tests and class-
    wide game shows.
  • Study Prep - Replace tattered 3×5 index cards with a more exciting way to drill in the material. Especially helpful for vocabulary, geography, and math concepts.
  • Trivia - Stump friends, family, and fellow students with DIY trivia contests about any subject you choose! Older students can even invite their Facebook following to take on a challenge.

TinyTap Challenge Mode Screen ShotI love how TinyTap’s interactive features promote student engagement and get kids thinking.  Download the free app or check out their site to learn more!

iBook and App: Congress Creates the Bill of Rights

22 Feb

screen480x480The National Archives has lots of great resources for students including DocsTeach and Today’s Document.  They have a new iBook and iPad app called Congress Creates the Bill of Rights that is now available.  Both of these free resources include content that helps students understand the legislative process.  They include primary source documents and interactive features for students.

Kids can tap on the screen as they flip pages and explore how the United States Congress created the Bill of Rights.

The iBook can be viewed on iPads or Mac computers and the mobile app is designed for iPads.



JFK Challenge App for American History

16 Feb

screen480x480The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation has a new app for elementary and middle students called JFK Challenge.  This iPad app takes kids to the Apollo 11 mission to teach them about this period in American History.  Kids can take a spaceship to the moon as they explore this animated app.  Perfect for children curious about space travel or for teachers looking to engage students in a social studies lesson, this completely free app is worth checking out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.05.11 PMDownload JFK Challenge from the Apple App Store for free today!

Simplify Your Digital Workflow with Seesaw

15 Feb
Earlier this month I posted about Seesaw, an app that captures student work and is great for all learners in your classroom.  With this app students can snap a picture of their work and record their voice.  It’s a neat way for children to show what they have learned about a topic.
seesaw-ios-app-web-appSeesaw can help teachers collect, organize, and share the digital creations their students make.  Students snap a picture, add audio, and tap their screen to show their teacher what they have created.  Teachers can organize all of their classwork by student name and decide which snapshots and clips they would like to share with parents.  Seesaw can import anything saved to the iPad Camera Roll and works with over 20 other popular apps to make it even easier to share their work
Learn more about Seesaw by visiting their website!
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