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Graphing for Kids: Input Data & Make Charts on iPads

Graphing for Kids is an iPad app for students who want to explore how to input data and make charts. With this app students make charts and create their own graphs. Following step-by-step instructions students will draw a chart, input data, and make a graph. In this app kids will learn how to make bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs and pictographs. Graphing for Kids also introduces students to horizontal and… Read Article →

Adobe Spark Publishing Tools for Web Browsers & iOS Apps

Adobe Spark Publishing Tools for Web Browsers & iOS Apps

Big news today from Adobe! They’ve rebranded three of my favorite free apps for publishing and they’re now ALL web friendly. This means you can now use Adobe Spark Post (formerly Post), Adobe Spark Page (formerly Slate), and Adobe Spark Video (formerly Voice) on Chromebooks and iPads. Over the past few months I’ve shared how much I love these tools when visiting schools and speaking at conferences across the country. This… Read Article →


Free Book Creator Training for Teachers: Join Me This Summer!

I’m so excited to partner with the Book Creator team to bring teachers a special set of webinars this summer! Over the next few months I will host a weekly kick off series for teachers getting started with Book Creator and a special monthly series for teachers looking to take their work to the next level. Getting Started Session 1 – Wednesday, May 25th @ 7pm EST Overview of Book… Read Article →

9 Apps for the Low or NO Internet Classroom -min

9 Apps for the Low or NO Internet Classroom 

Having a ”bad internet day” is frustrating when you’re trying to stream a Netflix movie or connect to wifi in a coffee shop. It’s even worse when there are thirty or so inquiring minds or restless students waiting to start an activity or new lesson. So what do you do if you are in a low or no Internet classroom? Although you’ll need an Internet connection to download these apps… Read Article →

4 Reasons I Love Google Hangouts!-min

4 Reasons I Love Google Hangouts & A Special FREE PD Event!

Do you have a list of favorite web tools? Google Hangouts is definitely near the top of my list! You don’t need to be in a one-to-one classroom to use this fantastic tool. Even teachers with simple setups can use Google Hangouts to video conference. Google Hangouts let users set up a video call for two people or up to ten people. In a classroom you can access Google Hangouts with… Read Article →

5 New York Hall of Science Apps

5 New York Hall of Science Apps

The New York Hall of Science has five apps for iPads that are perfect for students exploring the world around them! The science apps come with lots of resources for teachers including lessons and tips. Each one is independent but all can work together to help students explore science concepts in the real world. Here are five New York Hall of Science apps: Playground Physics: Designed for middle and high school students, Playground Physics… Read Article →

VIRRY's Animal Web Cam App: Teach Empathy & Life Skills

VIRRY’s Animal Web Cam App: Teach Empathy & Life Skills

Forget about cartoon animals – the VIRRY animal web cam app brings real live animals to your iPad screen. VIRRY combines high definition live and pre-recorded video to help spark students’ curiosity in wild animals. I love how this app is super interactive while incorporating information about different animals and habitats. VIRRY was created with child development experts to build a connection between children and endangered animals. One of the goals… Read Article →

Tiggly Shape's Got Talent- Geometry App for Early Learners-min

Tiggly Shape’s Got Talent: Geometry App for Early Learners

Tiggly is a Class Tech Tips favorite and I’m excited to share another terrific app you can use with Tiggly Shapes! The Tiggly Shape’s Got Talent is a fantastic geometry app that takes a playful spin on learning early geometry concepts. With this iPad app students can read, play, and record their own stories. Kids will practice shape identification and learn shape properties as they create their very own talent show.  ….. Tiggly Shape’s… Read Article →

Quizalize Individual Reports- Intervention Support for Students-min

Quizalize Individual Reports: Intervention Support for Students

Last year I shared Quizalize, a classroom tool that turns assessments into fun classroom quizzes. The folks behind this engaging platform have added a new feature called Individual Student Reports to provide intervention support for students. With Quizalize students are first praised for what they did well. Then kids are given a list of skills to practice based on their results. These topics are prioritized so students spend time on areas where… Read Article →

5 Tech Tools for Writing Prompts- Web, iOS & Android Apps-min

5 Tech Tools for Writing Prompts: Web, iOS & Android Apps

Finding inspiration and working through writer’s block can be a challenge for students of all ages. There are a handful of technology tools that bring writing prompts to the fingertips of anyone with access to a web browser or tablet. What I love about these tools are how they each address the idea of supporting struggling writers. You can use these tools in whole class activities, to support individuals, or for… Read Article →