Fantastic Student iBook: My Pet Monster

27 Jan

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.46.23 PMThere are so many fantastic ways to turn your students into content creators on an iPad.  Apple Distinguished Educators Jason Sand and Robyn Torry brought second graders and eleventh graders together to create a whimsical iPad storybook.  Their iBook My Pet Monster combines the work of each group of students and is a fantastic example of collaboration in action.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.46.48 PMRead more about the process here or download their iBook for your iPad!

Grammarly: A Fantastic Grammar Checking Tool

26 Jan

Types of Error Alerts If you’re look for a way to support your students as writers or simply would like an extra tool to check your own work, you’ll want to check out Grammarly.  It is an automated grammar checker web application that is already used by over four million people around the world.  Grammarly helps users detect grammar errors in their writing, detect plagiarism, and use better vocabulary words.

Grammarly DashboardIn addition to their website where you can type, copy and paste, or upload a file, they’ve recently launched a Google Chrome extension that can grammar check everything from emails to Facebook comments.  Grammarly is currently working on Firefox and Safari plugins will be released later this year.  Some teachers are using Grammarly to help grade student work while students use it as a writing aid. They learn from Grammarly’s feedback and improve their writing.

Learn more about Grammarly by visiting their website!


Tutor Toot Online Homework Help for Students

25 Jan

dialog tt full smallTutor Toot is a soon-to-be-launched online homework assistance service that is specifically designed to help students master classroom content at home.  Busy parents can support their children with this virtual tutor service that helps students understand challenging homework problems.  In addition to servicing a wide range of students, Tutor Toot provides online homework assistance for free to children in disadvantaged areas.

This service is device agnostic, so it runs on any computer, smartphone or tablet.  Tutor Toot is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to get their platform up and running even quicker.  This campaign even lets you allocate your contribution to help students in need.

Learn more by checking out Tutor Toot’s campaign page!


Capture Student Work with Seesaw – The Learning Journal

24 Jan

 seesaw-icon-class-appI’m very excited about the new learning journal app Seesaw which can help teachers and parents connect with students and keep track of their school work.  Seesaw is a simple way for students as young as 5 to independently document what they are learning at school.  It empowers students to take more ownership of their learning.

seesaw-app-empower-studentsSeesaw gives parents a personalized, up-to-date window of what their child is doing and learning at school.  It has a visual format that parents can easily follow and crosses language barriers too.  Seesaw makes it easy to collect digital & physical work in one place that’s organized by student and accessible from everywhere.  The kid-friendly Seesaw camera makes it simple to snap a picture of physical work like a poster, drawing, or 3D model.  Seesaw integrates with over 20 other popular content creation apps for the classroom so all student multimedia gets seamlessly collected and stored.
There are over 30 Common Core aligned activity ideas on our Teacher Resource Center so its easy to put Seesaw into practice in your class today.

Learn more by visiting their website!

Standards Planner Online Tool For Teachers

23 Jan
unnamedStandards Planner is a lesson planner tool for teachers that allows them to search through thousands of free resources such as Khan Academy, CK12 Flexbooks, and even their own Google Drive.  Teachers can create, upload, and convert lessons, videos, and instructional material.  With Standards Planner users can align their plans to all 50 state and national standards including the Common Core.  It even lets teachers collaborate with colleagues to build units together.
unnamed-1This web tool gives teachers lots of extra options like subject calendaring and the ability to create pacing charts.Standards Planner users can schedules when they will teach specific assignments.  Districts that sign up for Standards Planner can bundle features to fit the software to the needs of their schools.
Learn more about Standards Planner by visiting their website!
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JuniorTube for Video Curation

22 Jan
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jan 17, 2015, 7.02.04 PM A very cool solution for getting videos in the hands of students, JuniorTube (formerly YoouKids) helps parents and teachers curate and share a YouTube playlist.  Users can pick out educational videos for kids to watch remotely and safely so they can easily be viewed on children’s iPads and iPhones. JuniorTube makes it simple to put quality content on their devices without worrying about navigating YouTube by themselves. Parents and teachers can suggest to each other their own YouTube playlists that they curate, so they can forward to their kids other recommended safe playlists and videos to watch.
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jan 17, 2015, 7.03.39 PMAt home, JuniorTube provides kids with safe and controlled access to YouTube playlists picked out by parents.  Children can draw and annotate YouTube videos to demonstrate their thinking.  They can also watch these clips on an Apple TV or Chromecast.  In schools, JuniorTube can be integrated with different learning management systems, like Canvas, via EduAppCenter. JuniorTube can be set up to play videos curated by teachers even if YouTube is blocked in schools.
Learn more about JuniorTube by visiting the App Store!

SNAP! Digital Lesson for Guided Reading

21 Jan

video1SNAP! Learning has a digital solution for managing guided reading groups in your classroom.  Perfect for any type of tablet, teachers can first launch the program on their device then pick the grade level, lesson and study guide they would like to access.  The app helps students build background knowledge on a topic through visuals and interactive activities.

sgr_promo_2With SNAP! Learning students can work on learning new vocabulary words from stories they read and answer questions to demonstrate their comprehension.  The graphic organizers included within this app will help students keep track of events in a story and while giving you insight into their mastery of key content. There are 130 books in K-6 content covering history, science, and language arts.  It includes built-in fluency, comprehension, and multiple choice assessments as well as cloud-based storage, trackable assessments and built-in data collection.  SNAP! Learning works on iPads, Android tablets, interactive whiteboards, or the web and has a touch and view glossary for complex words, and voice over directions for each page.

You can request a demo of their product and learn more by visiting their website!

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