Chronicle App: Confer, Collect Data & Collaborate

30 Aug

Chronicle: Collect Data & Collaborate with this Customizable Grade BookChronicle is an iOS app for teachers that includes tons of features for busy educators.  Perfect for Reading and Writing Workshop conferring notes, Chronicle can be used to capture multiple images, videos, and audio recordings within a note.  This helps teachers easily provide meaningful feedback and document student growth.  Chronicle can be used to share student achievements and intervene to meet the individual needs of students.

Chronicle: Collect Data & Collaborate with this Customizable Grade Book

An integrated grade book can be used in any subject area where teachers are recording student progress.  Chronicle’s traffic light system helps teachers track unit goals, formative assessments, report card descriptors, and more.
Chronicle comes with many customizable features, including the option to link to Common Core State Standards.  Chronicle also promotes schoolwide collaboration since it gives teachers the ability to pass meaningful data from one year’s teacher to the next.

Watch a demo of Chronicle or visit the Apple App Store to learn more!


Entrepreneurship in Action with Free Lesson Plans from Cashtivity

29 Aug
Entrepreneurship in Action with Free Lesson Plans from CashtivityCashtivity is an fantastic online platform for entrepreneurship education and project-based learning.  This year I’ve had the opportunity to contribute lesson plans to Cashtivity’s new Campus section of their website.  These lesson plans compliment the Cashtivity platform and were designed to help teachers integrate the business building tool into their school day.
Entrepreneurship in Action with Free Lesson Plans from CashtivityOne lesson plan I’ve designed for Cashtivity is titled Creating a Business Plan: Financial Math.  In this lesson students will create a business plan and make decisions in partners and small groups.  This lesson was designed to be used with the online Cashtivity tool.  Just like Cashtivity, these lesson plans are completely free.  They are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
Check out the lesson plans and learn more about Cashtivity by visiting their website!

Science4Us Digital Science Curriculum: Includes Embedded PD Resources

28 Aug

Science4Us Digital Science Curriculum: Includes Embedded PD ResourcesScience4Us is a standards-based digital science curriculum that teaches science using the 5E inquiry-based instructional model. In addition to over 350 digital games and online activities, there are tons of offline experiments and hands-on projects to keep students engaged and excited about science.  It’s a great choice for teachers looking to include cross-curricular activities that connect science instruction to math and language arts. Students will also learn the importance of notetaking and observing, with their very own digital notebook.

One of Science4Us’ notable features for educators is embedded professional development.  This includes, step-by-step session guides that show how to approach each daily lesson and helpful teacher guides that explain the content and the importance of each activity.  There are also teaching strategies that help enhance your students’ learning experience and teacher lessons with additional content-specific information.

Visit Science4Us’ website to register for a free 60-day trial here!

Lyrics2Learn: Boost Comprehension with Music-Friendly Lessons

27 Aug

Lyrics2Learn: Boost Comprehension with Music-Friendly LessonsIf you’re looking to capture your students attention while building core literacy skills, you’ll want to check out Lyrics2Learn.  This website hosts online reading centers and mini-lessons for elementary students.  Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade can work independently through activities to strengthen comprehension and fluency.  This engaging platform can connect student interests to foundational literacy skills that will help them grow as readers.

Lyrics2Learn: Boost Comprehension with Music-Friendly LessonsLyrics2Learn combines music with fluency practice to help students internalize information. Kids can move through different levels of interactive comprehension as they master new skills.  Lyrics2Learn provides practice activities for all levels of elementary school students making it a good choice for teachers looking to meet the individual needs of learners.  It’s a great tool for creating life-long readers who are motivated and interested in literacy learning.

Visit Lyrics2Learn’s website to learn more, take a trial, or sample free lesson downloads!

Pinterest Contest from Versal: Lots of Cash Prizes!

26 Aug
Pinterest Contest from Versal: Lots of Cash Prizes!Earlier this year I shared Versal, an interactive course creation tool for teachers. To celebrate the back-to-school season, Versal is holding a Pinterest Contest. They’re asking teachers to create Pinboards that show how they would spend $2015 on education technology in their classroom this year.
The entry with the most votes will receive a cash prize to put their plan into action.  Versal is also giving away ten $100 prizes for the most creative boards.
Learn more about Versal and this awesome back-to-school opportunity by visiting their website!

Math Game-Based Learning with Prodigy: Free Learning Tool

25 Aug

 Math Gamification with Prodigy: Free Learning ToolAs teachers, we know there is no better time to motivate and empower students than at the beginning of a new school year. Introducing game-based learning into the classroom can help you do just that and Prodigy’s curriculum-aligned math game is one I’d recommend you check out.

Math Gamification with Prodigy: Free Learning ToolProdigy is a completely free adaptive math game that integrates Common Core, MAFS, and TEKS standards into a fantasy style game students will love to play. Prodigy takes game-based learning a step further and provides teachers with a powerful set of reporting and assessment tools that allow them to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and save tons of time. Over 200 new curriculum-aligned skills were added to Prodigy over the summer, including interactive and multi step questions for students in first through eighth grade.

Visit Prodigy’s website to get started with this completely free math game!  

QuBowl Online Quiz Bowl Platform

24 Aug
If you’ve ever coached Quiz Bowl, you know how tough it can be to not only motivate your players to train but also to track their progress. QuBowl is an online Quiz Bowl training platform that uses analytics to help students and teams train more effectively. Players can practice with category quizzes and daily practice rounds on the site, then see their rating, best and worst categories, and more. Instead of wasting time reading through broad question packets, students can see exactly where they are weakest and focus on that.
QuBowl Online Quiz PlatformQuBowl gives team leaders a bird’s eye view of their students’ skills in specific categories and lets them see how much work each student is putting in to improve. There is also a moderator section that team leaders can use to run practice tournaments with their players. This training tool is available to students as individuals or for teams as a whole with both monthly and yearly subscription options. .
Learn more by visiting QuBowl’s website!
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