Questionit iPad Language Learning App

31 Jul

activity1_sorting_fullcolorcuesThe iPad is a powerful educational tool for students with special needs.  Questionit is designed to help children learn what type of word answers can be given to different questions.  It starts with simple sentences and moves to paragraphs as students practice answering.  This app uses faded color cues and errorless learning to help children build their understanding of how to answer Wh- questions.sorting_nocolorcues

Questionit reinforces correct answers by repeating each one for students to hear.  Students are rewarded with fireworks after they respond correctly to five different questions.  This app allows multiple students to log-in and keeps track of their data.  All of their progress can be emailed or printed straight from the app.  Questionit includes a help screen with information on how to use the app and extra resources for teachers and families.

Check out their website to learn more or download from the app store!

13 Apps & Sites to Find Informational Text

30 Jul

Students need to have a balance of literature and informational text.  If you’re looking for sites that include nonfiction passages or high-interest articles here are a few worth exploring:13 Apps & Sites to Find Informational

  1. Experience America HD Magazine
  2. Scholastic News
  3. Life on Earth
  4. Wilson Center
  5. Readworks
  6. Newsela
  7. Explore the Galaxy
  8. Abraham Lincoln
  9. DK Readers
  10. Time for Kids
  11. Penguin Leveled Readers
  12. People HD
  13. News-O-Matic

Getty Images on iPads

29 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 4.36.06 PMGetty Images is a fantastic app for accessing photographs on a wide range of subjects.  You can type in keywords to search a database of more than 60 million pictures.  Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 4.36.22 PM

Whether you are looking for an image to spark a discussion in your classroom,
inspire students as a writing prompt, or to explore the concept of digital storytelling, this app has plenty for you to choose from!


Online Resource: DocsTeach from the National Archives

28 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 4.18.36 PMPrimary source documents are essential pieces of the history puzzle to include in your social studies instruction.  I’ve shared some great iPad apps for accessing primary sources but there are a few websites that contain quality content that can be easily shared with your students.

DocsTeach has a fantastic website (in addition to their iOS and Android apps) that give teachers tons of resources for finding and using primary source documents in their classroom.  If you’re not a social studies teacher you can still find compelling images to bring into your English Language Arts instruction or make connections during a math and science lesson.


My Channel One News Blog Posts

27 Jul

This past year I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to Channel One News’ blog.  I’ve shared some of my favorite EdTech trends, technology tools and iPad apps.  Here’s a list of some of my posts for their site – you can see a full list of my guest blog posts by clicking here.

Udemy Apps for On-the-Go Learning

26 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.55.27 AMBetween iTunes U, SimpleK12, Twitter, Pinterest and countless blogs, there are lots of places where you can explore a topic you’re interested in learning more about.  Udemy is a platform that I’ve used to create and share two courses.  In addition to an easy to navigate website, they have apps for iOS and Android devices that make it easy to take courses on the go.

Udemy has a wide range of courses full of videos you can play right off of your tablet, computer, or smartphone.  So if you’re interested in anything from photography, app development, or instructional technology, you’ll want to check it out!

Here are 50% off coupons for my two Udemy courses:

Using QR Codes in the Classroom: Differentiate and Energize Your Lessons!

Teach with Your iPad: Instruct, Assess & Manage Your Class with a Single iPad

Experience America HD Magazine

25 Jul

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 3.00.16 PMExperience America HD Magazine is a great free app for accessing high-interest informational text.  Created by USA Today, it includes dozens of articles on topics related to geography and notable landmarks.

If you’re looking for text that can be used for leveled reading groups, stations, or to share during a Social Studies unit, check out this easy to navigate app.  Full of beautiful pictures of the United States, it’s sure to pique your students’ interests.

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