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Vosaic Connect Video Tool for Classroom Observations

Earlier this year I had the chance to connect with the team at Vosaic a performance discovery company. They’ve developed a video tool for classroom observations because they believe in the power of video as a reflection tool. Classroom observations captured with the Vosaic Connect video tool can elevate traditional professional development, coaching and feedback in a school community.

Vosaic Connect lets users capture observations through video using a mobile device. You can tag different moments during an observation to leave comments and keep track of growth over the course of the school year. Vosaic Connect even has a hosting platform that lets users store videos in the cloud. The video below provides a quick overview so you can see Vosaic Connect in action.

Video observations give you an opportunity to pause, replay, and dive deeper into different moments of a lesson to provide and receive more meaningful feedback. I love the idea of being able to give timely, specific feedback in the context of learning activities. Vosaic Connect provides users with secure online access to all of their videos so they can be easily accessed and shared any time.

With this video feedback tool, users can code, share, and collaborate on different video projects using a range of mobile devices. The Vosiac Connect video platform lets anyone capture video and annotate to mark up a particular moment you’d like to highlight to give specific feedback. I like how this observation tool  lets a reviewer focus on a particular moment of a lesson so it can be shared and discussed more easily than in traditional observations.

After a video is reviewed, a teacher can watch it on their own or with a team to discover key moments worth spending time to review. Vosaic Connect is super customizable so your school can create a set of custom buttons for reviewers to use that relate to specific goals or language adopted by your staff. There is also the option to compare how different team members viewed and marked up the same video or share your marked up video with others for feedback.

Head over to visit Vosaic’s website (right now they’re running a 10% off promotion on all Vosaic Connect plans too)!

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