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VocabularySpellingCity: Vocabulary Instruction to Help Reading Comprehension

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Have you heard of VocabularySpellingCity? This vocabulary instruction tool is designed to help boost reading comprehension for students. The team behind VocabularySpellingCity designed this tool to break the “test on Friday, new words on Monday” vocabulary instruction cycle and increase vocabulary retention with multimodal exposures to words over time.

VocabularySpellingCity: Vocabulary Instruction to Help Reading Comprehension

VocabularySpellingCity provides students with an opportunity for spaced and repeated practice so they can hear, read, write, and play with words in a variety of contexts. The data gathered from student participation within games and activities helps teachers make instructional decisions for class differentiation. It can also provide information to support RtI thanks to the data from learning activities and tests. The video below shows off how VocabularySpellingCity supports vocabulary retention.



VocabularySpellingCity is designed to supplement any language arts curriculum, content area vocabulary, and academic vocabulary instruction. The account management is streamlined to include an administrative dashboard to manage school and teacher accounts, data to show usage at school, teacher/class, and student level, as well as the ability to share professional development resources with teachers through quick tutorials.

With VocabularySpellingCity, schools can introduce words to students and to provide a space for independent practice. It also recycles previously learned words into personal word lists for students who need extra practice. Teachers can monitor student progress based on data from learning games as well as from assessments. VocabularySpellingCity lets teachers create an effective vocabulary retention cycle by revisiting previously learned words and differentiate vocabulary, phonics, and spelling instruction.

Students who use VocabularySpellingCity can engage in the learning activities independently. They’ll receive immediate feedback and multiple exposures to words to boost reading comprehension. Student accounts include data on assignments and learning games and students can even create their own word lists based on words encountered in self-selected text or literature circles. There are dozens of activities for students to choose from.

Head over to VocabularySpellingCity’s website to get started!

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