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Qball Throwable Wireless Microphone for Classrooms

Have you heard of the Qball? I had the chance to try out an early version of the Qball a few years ago and it’s exciting to see how far this teaching and learning tool has come in such a short amount of time. The Qball was designed to support learners of all ages while addressing needs of classroom teachers.

The Qball is a throwable, wireless microphone for classrooms that looks like a ball students would toss on the playground. The main benefit of the Qball is it helps encourage student participation in classroom discussions.  The Qball adds a kinesthetic touch to classroom conversations, Socratic discussions, and moments when a whole or small group of students come together to talk about their learning.

Qball Throwable Wireless Microphone for Classrooms

The Qball encourages students to participate, and like a talking stick or similar tool, it helps manage classroom discussions — if you have the ball, you have the floor. Since the Qball is a throwable, wireless microphone for classrooms, it was designed so that every student can be heard.  The Qball amplifies the voice of every student making it perfect for large classrooms and small classrooms, where students can benefit from hearing and understanding their peers clearly.

So how does it work? The Qball system is designed to work with any type of speakers a teacher already has in their class. This includes a classroom audio system, desktop computer speakers, or even a portable bluetooth speaker.
The Qball can be used to address a handful of goals in your classroom from increasing student discussion to building class community. I love the idea of using this learning tool to get students moving throughout the school day, honor the voices of every child in class discussion and help students connect with their peers.
Learn more about the Qball by visiting their website!

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