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7 Presidents’ Day Books for Kids (print and digital text!)

Looking for a picture book or informational text to bring into a Presidents’ Day lesson? This list includes a handful of books perfect for a Presidents’ Day activity. You can introduce these selections to your whole class as read aloud books or send home the list with families for their next trip to the library. Many of the titles on this list are available in both print and digital version for reading on a Kindle.

7 Presidents’ Day Books for Kids

#ScannableTech Tip: Find a YouTube video with a reading of a notable speech made by the historical figure in the book you choose. Connect the link to a QR code so students can scan and listen. Learn more

#FormativeTech Tip: Create a backchannel for students to pause and post a question or noticing during your read aloud. Use this information to check for understanding and/or misconceptions. Learn more

15 Tech Tools for the Reading Classroom

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