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4 Ways to Use Kahoot’s NEW iPad App

It’s no secret that I love Kahoot! Earlier this year I had the chance to speak at their session at iPadpalooza in Austin. I love how the Kahoot iPad app (and web tool) can be used in shared screen classrooms. It can promote engagement and check for understanding as a #FormativeTech tool.

The team at Kahoot just released a new iPad app. You can still use Kahoot on any web browser but now there is a dedicated app for students using iPads. Kahoot is a quizzing and polling tool that lets teachers push questions out to students. Kahoot doesn’t just ask kids to simply answer multiple choice questions. Kahoot creates an interactive, lively environment in elementary, middle school and high school classrooms.

Kahoot iPad app 

Vocabulary review: At the end of a lesson, or halfway through a unit, you can use Kahoot to review vocabulary terms with your students. Kahoot lets you search for quizzes made by other teachers. So if you’re looking to review vocabulary words during a unit on polygons you’re sure to find a bunch shared in the Kahoot community.

Interest surveys: Knowing what your students are excited about can help you tailor lessons to the interests of your students. Kahoot lets teachers push out questions to their class that can help them understand what kids want to learn about. Interest surveys are useful for teachers looking to form groups or make decisions about upcoming lessons.

Build background knowledge: Before kicking off a unit of study introduce new concepts through quiz questions. You might show a picture and have students guess an answer. Then you can discuss the answer with them to help build background knowledge on a topic. You can upload images in Kahoot that correspond to each question so students can view an image before choosing an answer.

Getting to know your community: We often take it for granted that students can name national and local leaders. A Kahoot quiz is a great way to make sure kids can name their national and local representatives — from their state’s governors to representatives in Congress. You can use Kahoot to introduce the names of these folks to your students and help them understand the importance of being well-informed citizens no matter what their age.

I’m sure you love Kahoot too! If you’ve used this quizzing tool before, please add you favorite way to use Kahoot in the comments below.
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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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