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mysimpleshow: Create your own explainer video for free!

Easy and free tools can transform teaching and learning in your classroom – that’s why I’m super excited about mysimpleshow. This new video tool is web-based and teachers and students can use it to make their own animated explainer video. It’s perfect for creating explainer videos that show students how to complete a task, or provide a way for kids to demonstrate their understanding.

Make your own explainer video!

mysimpleshow: Create your own explainer video for free!mysimpleshow can be used by teachers to create a short animated video to explain a concept. Maybe it’s a “how-to” use the lattice method for multi-digit multiplication or a step-by-step guide on how to identify the topic sentence of a reading passage. This explainer video tool can also be used by students. It provides a terrific way for them to show what they’ve learned while creating a product that can be viewed by an authentic audience. mysimpleshow gives users the option to choose a storyline to structure their thoughts. Then they can add images to their video and add a voiceover by recording their voice or using a computer character.

Visit mysimpleshow’s website to get started!


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