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3D Nonfiction Reading Apps from BrightWorld

As a former elementary school teacher, I know how important it is to introduce children to nonfiction reading materials at an early age. Informational text not only builds background knowledge on a topic but prompts students to ask questions and cultivates a sense of curiosity. BrightWorld is a new series of nonfiction reading apps for children ages five to eight. They use a fun, immersive environments to present young children with nonfiction text.

The BrightWorld apps have a conversational, friendly tone and share3D Nonfiction Reading Apps from BrightWorld information about different natural science topics. The designers of the app have included activities like reading, unstructured play, and traditional gaming to reinforce one another and prompt children’s language acquisition. BrightWorld’s apps are programmed in 3D, offering children immersive environments. They include visual and auditory scaffolding in order to help students who might unfamiliar with the kelp forests, rainforests, or ponds.

Their app Ocean Forests, includes printables, story starters, BINGO games, and a teacher’s guide. Visit BrightWorld’s website to learn more about their nonfiction reading apps!

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