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9 EdTech Interviews: My Special Series for Channel One News

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of blogging for Channel One News. One of my favorite collections of posts from my work with this online news platform is a series of EdTech Interviews. In these interviews I post questions to leaders in the field of education technology all around the world. Each educator shares their own unique perspective on how technology has changed teaching and learning.

9 EdTech Interviews- My Special Series for Channel One News-minHere are 9 EdTech Interviews to explore!

Apple Distinguished Educator, Adam Goldberg – Adam shares his experience using iPads in the music classroom.

Director of Technology, Jenny Grabiec – Jenny discusses her role leading and inspiring teachers.

Media Educator, Don Goble – Don speaks to the power of media literacy in education.

English Language Arts Teacher, Larry Reiff – Larry shares his favorite tools for bringing the classics to life.

Chromebook Teacher, Dani Kennis – Dani shows how Chromebooks can be used as creation tools.

Social Studies Teacher, Cheryl Davis – Cheryl shares wonderful resources for primary source documents.

Technology in a Special Education Classroom, Wendy Thompson – Wendy demonstrates how powerful technology can be in the hands of students.

Google Certified Trainer, Chrissy Romano-Arrabito – Chrissy speaks to the power of Google tools in education.

Teaching Overseas, Tammy Musiowsky – Tammy shares her experience teaching in Singapore after her years spent in New York City.

There are more interviews on the way so stay tuned to watch this list grow! Do you have a story to share? Email me at!


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