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Personalized Learning Platform Kiddom: Data and Standards-Based Tool

Personalized Learning Platform Kiddom Data and Standards-Based Tool 1Last month I had the chance to take a tour of Kiddom a totally free platform that helps teachers use real-time data to make decisions. Kiddom lets educators curate personalized learning experiences by choosing which resources are “just-right” for students. Teachers can use Kiddom to get these resources into the hands of students and make sure that learning experiences are productive and effective. Teachers can use the national and state standards (including CCLS, NGSS) pre-populated in the tool, or write and track custom standards.

Personalized Learning Platform Kiddom Data and Standards-Based ToolKiddom gives teachers access to an essentially limitless amount of content. This includes standards-aligned quizzes, exercises, videos, and more. One thing that grabbed my attention during my demo of this tool was the clean and crisp interface and easy availability of student progress reports. Sometimes we get lost in the numbers but Kiddom makes it simple to follow the process of gathering student data, making decisions, and checking in on student progress.

Visit Kiddom’s website to learn more!

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