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Storytelling with Virtual Reality: Filming for Google Cardboard at Unarthodox

This year I’ve shared a couple reasons why I’m excited about virtual reality including new lessons from Nearpod and the special app from the New York TimesEarlier this month I had the chance to visit the folks at Unarthodox a space in New York City with programming designed to use non-traditional art methods to encourage self-expression in a fun, entertaining way. They have a range of classes but what I’m most excited about is their virtual reality programming.

Using a  Ricoh Theta S camera which shoots 360 degree video at 1080p, filmmakers can create their own short virtual reality experiences that are viewable with Google Cardboard.  The particular programming hosted by Unarthodox asks groups to create short videos using props and visuals to create a virtual reality experience. Now that Google hosts 360 degree videos, anyone can view their creations with or without a Google Cardboard.

Learn more about Unarthodox and their programs for storytelling with virtual reality by visiting their website!

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Getting Started with Virtual Reality in the Classroom!

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