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OnTrack Gets Parents & Kids talking with Emojis!

OnTrack Tool for Parent & Student CommunicationOnTrack is a tool designed to get parents and kids talking about school more often. With OnTrack students use emojis to let their parents know how their day is going. By using only emojis, kids can click and swipe in 30 seconds or less each day to let their parents know what they did and how they feel about their day. OnTrack is customizable by grade level and can be used by preschoolers or high school students.
OnTrack Tool for Parent & Student Communication 1Kids can talk to their parents about their day quickly and easily straight from their device. Teachers don’t have to facilitate the communication, only create an environment where kids can swipe and send a simple emoji to communicate their feelings. If you’re looking for an app to recommend to parents, OnTrack is a great tool to increase commutation between families and their children.
Visit OnTrack’s website to learn more or watch this video to see OnTrack in action!

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