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EdTech Spotlight: 6 Duck Duck Moose Apps

Duck Duck Moose is a terrific educational app company that has made a handful of apps for mobile devices.  Their apps cover a variety of skills and give students a space to create.  On this list of apps you’re sure to find something that connects to a math or speaking and listening skill you’d like students to master.

Moose Math (iOS, Android, Amazon) Moose Math includes games for students that teach counting, addition, subtraction, sorting and more.  This colorful app addresses kindergarten and first grade standards.

Superhero Comic Maker (iOS) Students can create and record stories using the designs included in the app.  With this app, students can tell their own stories using superheroes and monsters.

Draw and Tell (iOS) Draw and Tell is a creation tool for iPads that lets students make their own stories.  Students draw their own illustration and record their voice to create a video clip.

EdTech Spotlight 6 Duck Duck Moose Apps 2Itsy Bitsy Spider (iOS, Android, Amazon) Itsy Bitsy Spider is an interactive musical storybook app.  Kids can tap the screen to make the story come to life and even record their own voice singing the classic children’s song.

Word Wagon (iOS) This phonics and spelling app is designed for early learners.  It includes over 100 words and activities to help students learn the names and sounds of letters as well as how to spell different words.

Park Math (iOS) With this app kids can play games that focus on patterns, sorting and counting.  Park Math also has subtraction and addition games.

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