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Nonstandard Units of Measurements with Exploratorium’s Apps

Nonstandard Units of Measurements with Exploratorium's Apps 1Introducing students to nonstandard units of measurement can be challenge for teachers working with students of all ages.  Curious Ruler is one app I love for these type of lessons since it gets kids thinking about objects in their everyday life.  For teachers working with older students you may want to check out How Many Saturdays?  This app from Exploratorium pushes users to think about time in nonstandard units.

Nonstandard Units of Measurements with Exploratorium's AppsAlthough this might seem like a lifespan calculator at first glance, How Many Saturdays? lets users think about standard units of time (seconds, hours, days, months, years) in different units.  From cat lifetimes to blue moons, it gives an alternate way of thinking about time.  This app might not be a great fit for every classroom or every teaching style but it is definitely an interesting way to explore nonstandard units of measurement.

Visit the App Store to learn more about How Many Saturdays? from Exploratorium!

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