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BoomWriter Free Group-Writing Platform Promotes Collaboration

BoomWriter Free Group-Writing Platform Promotes Collaboration
BoomWriter is a free website for teachers that provides a platform for student group-writing.  It offers three group-writing tools that let teachers conduct engaging activities focused on developing and enhancing their students’ skills in writing and vocabulary across all curriculum areas.  BoomWriter’s three collaborative tools include (1) StoryWriter for creative and narrative writing, (2) WordWriter for vocabulary, (3) ProjectWriter for expository, argument and scientific writing.

BoomWriter Free Group-Writing Platform Promotes CollaborationThis group-writing, collaborative platform was designed for students in grades 2-12.  It is interactive and can be used to simulate online testing environments.  BoomWriter’s goal is to get students thinking, writing, and producing sharable content.  This tool could be used across the subject areas to incorporate  English Language Arts in Social Studies, Science and Math.  It provides opportunities for peer review and teacher feedback throughout the writing process.

Learn more about BoomWriter by visiting their website!

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