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Peppy Pals: EduGame for Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills

Peppy Pals: EduGame for Emotional Intelligence and Social SkillsPeppy Pals Farm and Peppy Pals Beach are two apps designed to teach emotional intelligence, empathy, collaboration and social skills in a playful way.  The folks at Peppy Pals have worked with well-known psychologists and experts in the field of human-computer interaction to create valuable apps for students.

Peppy Pals: EduGame for Emotional Intelligence and Social SkillsWith Peppy Pals’ games, kids explore emotions, empathy and feelings as they go on everyday adventures with quirky characters.  The activities are designed to help children understand these concepts through gameplay as opposed to direct instruction.  Families and educators can work together with children to talk about the concepts presented in the game.  These two games from Peppy Pals are fun and educational, taking kids through storytelling scenarios to help them build emotional intelligence and social skills.  On the Peppy Pals website you’ll also find a 1-minute Peppy Parenting guide on how to introduce empathy and emotional intelligence in everyday interactions with children.

Visit the Peppy Pals website  to learn more about emotional intelligence and their apps for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows or head to the Apple Store to download their app bundle!


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