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Slice Fractions: Math Discovery iPad App

Slice Fractions: Math Discovery iPad AppI love iPad apps that go beyond flashcards or quick math facts.  Slice Fractions is a great example of an iOS app that pushes students to think deeply about math concepts.  With this playful app, students slice through objects as they learn fraction concepts.  Kids move through different levels all while interacting with portions and wholes.

Slice Fractions is a great example of gamification of math learning.  Students can move at their own pace and collect rewards as they complete almost 100 puzzles.  Slice Fractions covers a range of concepts including: part-whole partitioning, numerator / denominator notation, equivalent fractions, fraction ordering, and subtracting fractions from 1.  If you’re looking for app recommendations for families or an after school program, definitely add Slice Fractions to your list.

Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about Slice Fractions!

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