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appoLearning Collections: Prepare for Units & Collaborate with Fellow Teachers

appoLearning Collections: Prepare for Units & Collaborate with Fellow TeachersEarlier this year I shared appoLearning Collections which makes it easy for teachers to create collections of their favorite digital tools.  Teachers can prepare for units they are teaching by grouping together free digital resources that relate to a particular subject.  appoLearning Collections is a wonderful tool that makes it easy to find digital resources (videos, websites and iOS and Android applications).  Teachers can search for digital tools on appoLearning’s website or add their own favorites.  There are lots of teacher-created Collections to search through too.

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appoLearning Collections can be used to collaborate with fellow teachers – both in and out of your school.  You can create a Collection on appoLearning and share it with a teacher on your grade level team or with a teacher across the country teaching the same unit in their classroom.  The Collections tool lets any user you’ve added put all of their favorite digital resources in one place.

The appoLearning Collections tool is totally free! You can search through collections, start your own, and invite other teachers to collaborate.  At any point after creating and saving a Collection, you can invite one or any number of Collaborators (no limit) to add resources and/or discussion comments to the Collection.  Alongside Collections on the right navigation column, collaborators can discuss their selections, notes on how to incorporate them within the unit, and other issues relevant to the Collection topic. I’ve created Collections by myself and collaborated with other educators and ability to place favorite resources in one collection – and have a discussion too – is absolutely fantastic.

Learn more by visiting appoLearning’s website!

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