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Actively Learn: Increase Student Engagement with Informational Text

Actively Learn is a reading platform that can be used to monitor student engagement in reading.  It’s a customizable online tool that can be used to achieve different goals.  As opposed to a standard reading program, this online reading platform can be used to promote collaboration and discussion while giving teachers a way to assess student understanding and increase access to high-interest reading materials.

Actively Learn: Increase Student Engagement with Informational TextWith Actively Learn, students can sign in and pick from a selection of nonfiction passages that pique their interest.  There are polls, multimedia and discussion questions to keep kids engaged with the text.  Teachers can leave notes for students within their reading material and kids can answer questions to demonstrate their understanding.  Students can annotate the text as they read and access extra features like a dictionary.  This is a great option for teachers looking to monitor student engagement and keep kids interested and excited about informational text.

Learn more by visiting Actively Learn’s website!


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