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Tabtor Math: Tablet-Based Program + Live Tutor

Tabtor Math: Tablet-Based Program + Live TutorTabtor Math is a tablet-based app that takes traditional tutoring to a new level.  Combining tablet-based instruction with the support of a live tutor, Tabtor Math addresses the needs of individual learners.  It’s a great choice for families looking to cut down on tutoring costs while continuing to support their children with extra math practice.  There is even a new companion Parents Insights app to keep families informed.

Tabtor Math: Tablet-Based Program + Live TutorTabtor Math uses mind-mapping and digital-paper technology to uncover and address pain points as students work through different exercises.  Students complete learning activities at their own level and the system responds when they need extra support.  Tabtor Math’s strong curriculum partners dedicated tutors with a dynamic online learning platform.  It addresses curriculum goals for the United States, Canada, Australia and more.

Explore Tabtor Math’s website to see what they have to offer!


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