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Kindoma for Shared Reading with Video Connection

Lots of teachers use Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime to connect with other classrooms, guest speakers or special guests.  Kindoma Storytime is a very cool app that educators and families can use to connect readers.  With this iPad app two users can connect their screen and read stories together.  Complete with a webcam and built in library of books, Kindoma lets two readers connect their screen and share a story together.
Kindoma for Shared Reading with Video Connection

This app could be used in the classroom to connect book buddies from near or far.  Students can engage in choral reading, partner reading or just follow along as a story is read aloud to them.  It’s also a great app to recommend to families looking to make the most of mobile devices at home while incorporating a read aloud into their everyday routine.

Check out Kindoma Storytime’s website to learn more about this powerful iPad app!

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