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Wimbledon iPad App: Sports Data for the Math Classroom

screen480x480-1Using sports data in the math classroom is a great way to hook students with real world numbers. Whether you are creating word problems or graphing data, there is so much information available related to sports.  The Championships, Wimbledon 2015 app for iPads is full of data that can be incorporated into classroom instruction.  Students and teachers can access live scores as well as past results.

Depending on the task that you’ve developed for students, you can use this data to meet the expectations of your curriculum and program.  For example, Create a multiplication word problem using three numbers you located in one player’s profile or Find the difference between two players average scores for their first two matches.

Download The Championships, Wimbledon 2015 app for iPads from the Apple App Store to access tons of data for your math classroom!

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