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EdTech Trend: Google Cardboard

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Wearable technology, including Google Glass or the newly launched Apple Watch, has made the news for years. Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe even talked about it in this TED Talk. Although wearable tech is increasingly popular for those who can afford the investment, it’s not something that can easily be brought into the classroom.

EdTech Trend_One affordable solution for placing wearable technology in the hands of your students is Google Cardboard. This easy-to-make (or inexpensive to purchase) device works with Android and iOS phones to give students a virtual reality experience. Using special apps that divide the screen in half with different views, Google Cardboard let’s kids bring a smartphone to their face in a completely new way.

Check out this Google Cardboard for under $10.

How does Google Cardboard work?

After assembling a Google Cardboard, students place their phone inside the device. You can…

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Getting Started with Virtual Reality in the Classroom!

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