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Introduce Informational Text with Current Events on Mobile Devices

mzl.lyabnhcxOver the past few months I’ve shared some of the reasons why News-O-Matic is a terrific resource for informational text and social studies.  Current events are a wonderful way to engage students in nonfiction reading.  Whether you’re looking for world or national news stories, or articles on sports and entertainment, News-O-Matic publishes five new passages for students to read each day.  This app is available on all mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle) and perfect for elementary school students and has lots of special features.
News-O-Matic is bilingual and offers each of their daily articles in English and Spanish.  Students can switch back and forth and hear both texts read aloud.  There are assessment questions that give teachers an understanding of well a student was able to comprehend what they read.  These questions can be customized and are aligned to the Common Core.  Each article can be tailored to multiple reading levels making it easy to differentiate instruction.
Visit their website to learn more!
Update: News-O-Matic is also available for Chromebooks!

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