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Chalkup Now Available for iPhones!

discussionLast month I shared a fantastic course platform that has been used in K-12 and higher ed classrooms.  Chalkup makes it easy for students to collaborate, stay on task, and access course materials.  They have just released an app for iPhone users to make it simpler to keep tack of assignments and course expectations while they’re on the go.

chalkup-iphone-2With the iPhone app students can check in on assignments for all of their classes.  They can access a dashboard that outlines their tasks for the day with one glance at the screen.  There is also the option to set up notifications so that students can know when a new discussion has been started or an assignment has been posted.  One of the great new features in this app is the option for students to add their own “to-dos” to their list of things they’d like to accomplish each day.  Chalkup helps students stay organized when they are out of their desk chairs and away from their computer.

Learn more about Chalkup by visiting their website or read about their iPhone update on their blog!

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