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Chalkup: New Rubric Feature for Quick Grading

chalkup-grading-driveI’ve shared some of the reasons that I like Chalkup as a platform for students and teachers.  They now have a new feature that you’ll want to check out – rubrics that make it simple to assess and grade student projects and assignments.  As educators we know the importance of using assessment tools like rubrics and making the grading process transparent for our students.  We want them to understand the expectations for the task they are being asked to complete.
google-drive-rubricWith Chalkup teachers can grade assignments using rubrics they’ve created or ones they’ve found in Chalkup’s community.  Teachers can assign point values to different areas of the rubric to make grading a lot easier.  Responding to teacher feedback, they’ve also added Google Drive integration so that students can easily submit assignments.
Watch this video on the new rubric feature and their teacher-created rubrics today!

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