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11 Absolutely Awesome Websites for Teachers

There are tons of fantastic websites for teachers and here’s a list of 11 that I absolutely love.  You’ll find lesson plans, videos, interactive resources and more on these sites.  Click on each link to learn more about each one!

There are lots of websites for teachers out there and it can be difficult to wade through them all to find the best websites to use. I’ve gathered together my favorites websites for teachers that provide free and paid resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. I’ve also included some tips on how to use these websites in your classroom to get the most out of each website!

11 Best Websites for Teachers

11 Awesome Websites 1LearnZillion

You’ll find Common Core lessons, videos and activities at this website. You can use it to build on your lesson plans, get ideas, or use in your classroom.


Part of the ever-popular TEDtalks network, TED-Ed has videos and lessons from experts and provides lots of inspiration for teachers.


Need reading passages and test prep resources? This website for teachers provides passages that you can use in your classroom.


Grading is a huge part of classroom management. Reducing the time you spend grading can be a huge benefit to your students. You’ll find rubrics and a grading platform on this teachers’ website.


Informational text is a huge part of today’s classroom and supplementing your students’ reading with primary source documents is a great way to start to teach them how to research, evaluate textual documents, and synthesize information. The MetMuseum provides thousands of primary source documents to use in your classroom. (Looking for more informational text resources? Go here to see my favorites.)


QR codes are a great tool for teachers in today’s classroom. Use this website to create QR codes with images.


One of the best websites for teachers, PixiClip is an online interactive whiteboard. This website has huge potential as an educational resource both in your classroom and for students at home later. You can record your voice while using the whiteboard too, allowing for even more creative educational uses.

Google Hangout

Google Docs is one of the most often talked about tech tools for classrooms. But have you tried using Google Hangouts? You can use it to bring virtual guest speakers to your classroom or connect to other classrooms across the world.

QR Voice

Another QR code resource for teachers, QR Voice makes QR codes talk. You can use this to record messages for students and creative activities that engage students in unique and innovative ways.


Although SlideShare is often thought of as a website for business, this website can be used by teachers to post and find presentations.


One of the best websites for teachers is Dropbox that allows sharing documents with students easily and quickly.

Have another website for teachers to add to the list? Scroll down and leave your favorite in the comments below!

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