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Adobe Voice: A Powerful Storytelling App

Storytelling is a powerful way to inspire students, build community and give children a voice.  There are a few great apps that help students of all ages write and tell their own stories (Shadow Puppet, Toontastic) and a new app that I absolutely love is Adobe Voice.  This free iPad app is very user friendly and makes the storytelling process simple for children young and old.

Kids can add pictures, text, and even choose from different icons to bring their stories to life.  Adobe Voice has an easy recording feature for students to add their voice as narration.  There is a music library and a selection of themes for users to pick out and include in their final product.

Adobe Voice lets you email a link to your storytelling video to share publicly or privately.  Users will need a log in to share their finished piece and each can be viewed via a web link on any Internet browser.

Here is my first attempt with Adobe Voice – share yours in the comment section below or tweet the link!

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