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iTunes U for Curriculum Resources

Schools across the country are using iTunes UScreen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.14.35 PM to connect students with course material and transform the workflow of their classrooms. If you’re not in a one to one iPad school, iTunes U is still a fantastic resource. By searching through the open courses available in this app, you can locate materials to use in your classroom, brush up on a topic you’re introducing to students and show your middle and high school students ways they can become independent learners.  iTunes U courses include a variety of multimedia that will come in handy as you are planning your curriculum for this year and beyond.  Once you dive in you may be tempted to organize your own content into a iTunes U course for your classroom and students around the world!

Here are a few course from Apple Distinguished Educators that you might want to explore – make sure to download iTunes U first, then click on this link from your iPad.

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