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Promote Student Engagement with a Virtual Whiteboard

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One of the most memorable parts of my experience at the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Austin this past July was using virtual whiteboard apps to find people with similar interests.  We wrote out a topic of interest on our favorite whiteboard app and silently walked around a room to see whose screen looked like ours.

In the classroom, a virtual whiteboard has lots of uses and a similar strategy can be used to promote student engagement.  If you’re doing test prep in a whole class environment, have students hold up their iPad to show whether they chose A, B, C, or D for their answer.  If you’re looking for students to give a quick response, have them write their answer and turn to show it to a partner.  Just like wipe and clean dry erase boards and markers you might have used in the past, try this activity with a whole class or small group of students using iPads,

image (32)Try this activity during the discussion portions of one of my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans!

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