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National Parks on Your iPad

image (67)Whether you’re planning an outdoor excursion or just want to show off the National Parks to your students, check out National Geographic‘s fantastic free app: National Parks by National Geographic.  With tons of information (and the option to upgrade for more) this app can be used for student research or inspiration!

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan on the Great Plains or my bundle of American History iPad lesson plans!

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3 Responses to “National Parks on Your iPad”

  1. Mary Beth Mueller

    Hi Ms. Burns!

    This is exactly the sort of thing I would love to use in class.

    I don’t have class iPads, but I did just get a Smart Board. In my research I don’t see that the apps you describe work with it, but I may just have a lot to learn. If you come across Smart Board apps, will you include them, please? Or maybe just devote a post or two to Smart Board use.


    Mary Beth Mueller

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