Images in Your QR Codes!

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You’ve probably heard by now all of the ways I love to use QR codes in my classroom (scavenger hunts, with a projection screen, in the garden, to name a few!)

Visualead is fantastic site that let’s users combine QR codes with images.  You can upload any picture that you want and place your QR code right on top of it.  Not only is it a great way to energize traditional black and white QR codes, adding images can help students distinguish between QR codes in different subject areas or lessons.  This is perfect for younger students or English Language Learners.  Whether you choose a picture of a globe for a Social Studies website or a number to match up to a question on an activity sheet, you’ll find lots of times to add images to your QR codes!

Users can create QR codes for free using Visualead or upgrade to have even more options.

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  1. Did you try it? The free version is limited to three (I’m assuming a month, but I’m not sure), and it retains the company’s branding.

    1. Yes, teacher’s get three free image QR codes and will need to sign up for unlimited access. They have a few different plans to check out if you are interested :)

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