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Random Name Selector

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I’ve shared one of my favorite classroom management tools, Pick a Student, and here is another option. Random Name Selector let’s users set up multiple classes and the app chooses students randomly from your list. This is a great way to make sure that all students are called on without anyone thinking that you are picking on them. One feature I like is the ability to turn students on/off in case a child is absent from your class when using the app.

Use this app during the share out of one of my favorite Common Core aligned iPad lesson plans!

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2 Responses to “Random Name Selector”

  1. Great idea! Drawing popsicle sticks from a bag is an option for classrooms that do not have the technological support. I have also heard (during my student teaching) to provide each student two popsicle sticks every day. The sticks represent the opportunities to either respond or comment to what the teacher said/asked. This prevents the same hands from being raised and promotes the student participation. I admit that I’ve never tried this strategy (new teacher here!), but am intrigued by it along with this app.

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