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Nearpod for 1 to 1 Classrooms

image (27) image (26)In classrooms with just one iPad there are lots of apps that you can use to create presentations (Educreations, Doceri, ScreenChomp, Haiku Deck).  If you have access to 1 to 1 technology you have to try NearPod for presentations.  Use an old PowerPoint as a template and upload it to the NearPod website.  Add interactive items like quiz questions and polls that will keep students engaged and help you access student understanding.  Once your presentation is created, students can watch on their own iPad screen as you control the pace of the presentation.  It’s easy to use and with free basic accounts it’s definitely worth checking out!

If your students are making their own presentations, check out my screencasting guide!

This app is also available on Android devices.

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