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Dropbox: Fill it up!

photo (7)I love using Dropbox  in my classroom, in fact I can’t live without it.  Dropbox is fantastic if you’re looking to conserve resources or save time making photocopies.
Here are just a few things that are in my students’ Dropboxes right now:

  • Vocabulary reference charts
  • Reader’s Theater scripts
  • Reading passages
  • Project Rubrics
  • Activity sheets that can be completed in other apps
  • PowerPoint/Keynote presentations

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan bundle with activity sheets that can be completed in other apps on your iPad!

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3 Responses to “Dropbox: Fill it up!”

  1. Carleen Maselli

    I have been using dropbox for two years and it has been an invaluable resource. Not only can I access and edit my files in one place and move from computer to computer, but I am able to share specific folders with my colleagues so we can co-write assessments, share projects and other ideas. Also, as you invite more people, you can add more free space to your box.

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