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TapQuiz Maps Geography Game App

Geography game app

I’ve shared some of my favorite apps for learning US geography and world geography but there are lots of great geography game apps out there to try. TapQuiz Map is a free geography game app that tests your knowledge of the globe. The player can focus on one region of the world at a time and see what countries and US states they can locate on a map. It even quizzes your knowledge of Canadian provinces!

Geography game apps area  great way to get your students or child interested in geography through gamification. Games are exciting and interesting to kids and allow them to learn things in a fun format that engages them. We can all remember how popular The Oregon Trail games were! Students who grew up playing Oregon Trail still remember the game and facts about what it was like to travel across the United States during that time period. Geography game apps and other game apps can have a lasting impression on students and kids more than learning in other forms.

Using Geography Game Apps in the Classroom

Incorporating geography game apps into lesson plans can be a challenge for teachers getting started using games in their classroom. It takes creativity and ingenuity to craft lesson plans with geography apps that contribute to educational goals. I’ve developed two lesson plans that work well with geography games and apps that you can use in your classroom to put these apps to work for you!


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