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Tellagami for Story Telling

27 Feb

There are so many great screencasting apps that I use in my classroom.  Tellagami is a fantastic free iPad app takes it to another level by allowing users to create their own avatars and place themselves anywhere they’d like (I’m “standing” in my classroom now.)  If you’re flipping your classroom, leaving a message for students to play when you’re pulled out for a meeting, or just looking to start off a lesson in a new way, you have to try Tellagami.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan using this app in the classroom!

Use this app with my Common Core aligned lesson plan for the iPad camera!

Watch my post!

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This app is also available on Android devices.

No More Rubber Bands: Virtual Geoboard

25 Feb

photo (10)

There are so many tools I used as a student that are now available virtually on iPads.  One fabulous free app that fits into this category is the Geoboard.  Forget about rubber bands snapping around your classroom.  The virtual geoboard has everything you need to teach polygons, area, scaling and symmetry.

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan using this app!

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan bundle that includes a lesson using this app!


Math Terms Glossary

22 Feb

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It’s important for all students to use math vocabulary when describing how they’ve solved a problem. Math Terms Glossary is a free app that students can use to access definitions of math terms.  Most entries include pictures and a Spanish translation of the definition.

Check out my Common Core aligned lesson plan bundle  for teaching math on iPads!

Dropbox: Fill it up!

20 Feb

photo (7)I love using Dropbox  in my classroom, in fact I can’t live without it.  Dropbox is fantastic if you’re looking to conserve resources or save time making photocopies.
Here are just a few things that are in my students’ Dropboxes right now:

  • Vocabulary reference charts
  • Reader’s Theater scripts
  • Reading passages
  • Project Rubrics
  • Activity sheets that can be completed in other apps
  • PowerPoint/Keynote presentations

Check out my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan bundle with activity sheets that can be completed in other apps on your iPad!

People HD for Biographies

18 Feb

image (1)

Biographies are a great way to get students excited about Social Studies.  People HD provides information on different historical figures, a timeline of their life and famous quotes.  The list could be more diverse, but I think it presents a great opportunity to have students research and create their own entry.

Here’s a Common Core aligned lesson planthat is perfect for biographies!

Check out this Common Core aligned lesson plan for another biography activity!

Financial Literacy: iPad Football

15 Feb

photo (6)

I love using sports in my classroom and if you’re teaching economics you’ll want to check out Financial Football. This free app includes lessons for middle and high school students and a football game to test their skills.  It’s a fun way to introduce your students to financial literacy!

Not teaching economics? Check out my Common Core aligned bundle of Social Studies lesson plans for other iPad apps!

TapQuiz Maps Geography Game

13 Feb


I’ve shared some of my favorite apps for learning US geography and world geography. TapQuiz Map is a free game that tests your knowledge of the globe.  The player can focus on one region of the world at a time and see what countries and US states they can locate on a map. It even quizzes your knowledge of Canadian provinces.

Try this app with my Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan!

Here’s another Common Core aligned iPad lesson plan that works great with this app!

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