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Organize Your iPad Cart

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A lot of teachers have asked about the best way to organize their iPad cart.  I am lucky to work in a 1:1 school with a cart of iPads that stay in my classroom.

I label student iPads with numbers and names to make access and organization quick and easy.  The labels stay on the iPad case and I’m careful not to block the speakers or any other buttons.  I cover the paper labels in packaging tape to increase their longevity.  When I call students to remove or return their iPads from the cart I’ll often say, “All odd numbers,” “Even numbers only” or something that reinforces math skills at the same time.  I also put labels at the bottom of each slot so that the students can tell just by looking down into the cart exactly where each iPad belongs.

Here’s a reference chart I place on my iPad cartto show off the work going on in my classroom!

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