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Replace Your Dry Erase Board with a Portable WhiteBoard


My students spend a lot of time working in differentiated groups. That means that I’m constantly circulating to make sure that everyone is on task.  Sometimes I need to quickly review a skill for a group. Instead of carrying a small dry erase board (and turning my fingers different colors from messy Expo markers) I take my iPad from group to group and draw on the screen.

Using a whiteboard app like Educreations, I can work through a math problem or draw the arc of a story.  In a small group using Educreations I’ll take snapshots of student work to annotate, just like I would grab a fantastic example and place it in under my Elmo projector for the whole class to see. This is a great tool for a one iPad classroom!

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4 Responses to “Replace Your Dry Erase Board with a Portable WhiteBoard”

  1. I have been using in the classroom this week and find it’s very user friendly for allowing either students or myself to quickly display our iPad on our Smartboard. It works wirelessly via AirPlay and has virtually no learning curve for the students. I am easily able to ask them to “throw” their iPad up on the SmartBoard when it’s necessary/appropriate to share or discuss examples.

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