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Explain a Website

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 10.37.30 PMI usually only recommend free apps since I’m using a class set of iPads in my classroom and don’t have access to a volume purchasing plan.  But for $0.99 Explain a Website is a must have teacher tool!  This app acts as an internet browser and allows you to record your actions and voice as you navigate a website.  You can write all over the screen, discuss features of the website, and save your recording to your iPads Camera Roll. Check out the clip I uploaded onto YouTube that gives a quick introduction to!

Use Explain a Website to help show students how to navigate the websites they’ll visit in one of my common core aligned QR Code Scavenger Hunts!

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  1. […] Monica Burns an author of CLASS TECH TIPS blog has recently recommended Explain a Website as a ‚must have teacher tool’. Please check the blog for more info and insight along with news about ITC (Integrated Co-Teaching) and using iPads in education process. There is also a nice video sample that shows a presentation made with Explain a Website. Here’s the article: link. […]

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