Record Your Work Using Doceri

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You may have read my post on using ScreenChomp in the classroom.  Another screencasting app I love is Doceri.  Although Doceri is not as user friendly as the simple layout of ScreenChomp, my fifth graders had no trouble getting over the learning curve.  There are some great features Doceri has to offer that set it apart.  Doceri has lots of choices for colors, shapes, and lines, but the best part has to be the option to save your screencast to your iPad’s camera roll.  This makes it easy to save, send and share your Doceri video.

Try out the Common Core aligned lesson plan I created for ScreenChomp with Doceri in your classroom!

Check out my guide -> Screencasting Teacher Tools: Tasks, Procedures, Checklists and Rubric

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  1. Thanks so much for adding Doceri to your tech tips! We’re happy that you’re finding it’s more professional options useful. Wanted to let you know that you can easily share screencasts directly from Doceri to YouTube or Facebook, and still images to Facebook and Twitter in addition to saving to the camera roll. We really wanted teachers to have their choice as to where and how to share their lesson screencasts. Thanks again!

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