What’s Trending? Try a Wordle

Lots of websites display images of popular search terms, tags, or keywords to show what’s trending on their site.  I love using Wordle, an online tool that takes the most popular words from a text and displays them according to how frequently they appear.  You can copy and past text from an article your class is reading or an encyclopedia entry.

After students in my class emailed their essays on deforestation in South America, I copy and pasted the text into Wordle.  Now I can display what’s trending next to a bulletin board of student work!

Wordsalad is an app that let’s you do the same thing straight from your iPad!

Try Wordle using speeches!

Try Wordle using current events!



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  1. I love Wordle- I use with my first graders as well- I paste a bunch of words with a similar theme and they try to guess the topic – great for inquiry.

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