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Old and New: Primary Sources in the 21st Century

I’ve shared some of my favorite apps for studying the American Revolution and industrialization.  National Archives DocsTeach and Today’s Document are two great apps for exploring American history in your classroom.  Search by topic or check daily for high quality images with detailed information on a variety of subjects. Check out my common core aligned lesson using this app in the classroom! Here’s another common core aligned lesson using history… Read Article →

Pick a Student

There are so many  classroom management tools that I love and here’s another. iLEAP Pick A Student makes sure that you call on every student in your class.  Instead of the traditional coffee can full of popsicle sticks with students’ names on them, use this free app to make sure that all of your students are held accountable in class discussions.  Try projecting the screen from your iPad, iPhone or… Read Article →

What’s Trending? Try a Wordle

Lots of websites display images of popular search terms, tags, or keywords to show what’s trending on their site.  I love using Wordle, an online tool that takes the most popular words from a text and displays them according to how frequently they appear.  You can copy and past text from an article your class is reading or an encyclopedia entry. After students in my class emailed their essays on deforestation in… Read Article →

Create Your Own Graphic Organizer on iPads

Create Graphic Organizers on iPads with Grafio Lite

There are lots of apps I like, and Grafio Lite lets you create graphic organizers. Students can design their own graphic organizer by drawing shapes on the screen. Can’t draw a perfect circle?  The shapes autocorrect and allow you to duplicate in case you want four ovals on your graphic organizer that are exactly the same size. In addition to drawing shapes, Grafio Lite has plenty of premade shapes to create graphic organizers straight from your iPad.  This… Read Article →

ELA Talk Bubbles

There are lots of great ways to incorporate Perfect Captions in your classroom.  I love using this app with primary source documents, but it’s also perfect for reinforcing literacy skills.  Have students create captions to record their predictions, to jot questions that they have, or write dialogue for the main character. Check out my common core aligned lesson plan using this app! Here’s another common core aligned lesson plan using… Read Article →

Math Fluency

Math instruction has come to life in my classroom thanks to apps that allow my students to work together, create podcasts and identify factor pairs.  Students of all ages need to be fast with their math facts in order to be successful. Here are three math fact apps that are great for practicing fluency: FlashToPass My Math Flash Cards Math Flash Cards * Check out my common core aligned lesson… Read Article →

American Revolution Timeline

It’s easy for American History to come to life if you’re on iPads!  I’ve shared some great timeline apps and here’s another that’s worth checking out.  The American Revolution Interactive Timeline app let’s you travel through this period looking at artifacts and documents that tell the story of the Revolutionary War.  Students can tap and explore primary sources while swiping through the years of the American Revolution. Here’s a common… Read Article →

Social Studies Slogans: Make Your Own Memes

You’ve seen them in emails, on Facebook, even the Today Show features memes that have gone viral.  Students can create their own memes using Haiku Deck on their iPads. Follow these steps: Create a new presentation and choose a theme Add an image from your camera roll to set as the background Add your slogan and format the text so it works with your image Check out my common core… Read Article →

News Sources for the iPad

Current events have an important place in my classroom and I’ve said it before – there are a lot of great apps to help your students explore the world around them. Here are a few news apps for the iPad that are worth trying out in your classroom: Check out this common core aligned lesson plan using these apps in your classroom! Most of these apps are available for Android… Read Article →

Sushi Monster: Math Factor Fun

There are lots of great math fact apps for the iPad that turn the times tables into interactive flashcards. Sushi Monster gives you numbers to chose from (factors) to find the answer (product) when you multiply two numbers. This app goes beyond the times table – it’s engaging for students while helping them practice their math fluency. Check out my common core aligned lesson plan using Sushi Monster in the… Read Article →