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Create Your Own Textbook


iBooks Author is a fantastic way to get students involved in their own learning. If you’re dedicated to providing engaging lessons for your students then creating interactive textbooks needs to go on your to do list.

iBooks Author has a short learning curve, and here are just some of the things you can do:

  • I use text from various Internet sources and alter it so the reading level is appropriate for my students
  • Google Image search is perfect for finding high resolution pictures to add to your Gallery
  • If you’re not a fan of YouTube, Vimeo is a great resource for high resolution videos
  • You can even add review questions to the end of each chapter

20121021-184439.jpgI often have my students locate content for their interactive textbooks – it empowers them and requires higher order thinking skills like creating and analyzing.

Check out my lesson plan on creating interactive textbooks with your students!


Here’s another lesson plan on using interactive textbooks in your classroom!


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9 Responses to “Create Your Own Textbook”

  1. This is a great way to personalize your teaching method. I think it’s a good idea that iBook has a WYSIWYG setup so publishing content is made easier.There are however minor limitations with the app but playing with it’s strengths can give you a nice output already. You can first try experimenting on how to beautify the pages and then bring them to life with some interactive content so that it’d be more engaging to your students.

      • Kathy Schrock

        This sounds like a great project, and I am going to check out your tutorial!

        I am making the assumption when you state you “use various Internet sources and alter the reading level” that you have permission from the original content creator to do so or are using Creative Commons-licensed content that has permissions to be modified? It seems to me that this would be re-publishing and not necessarily fall under fair-use.

      • Hi Kathy! Thanks for reaching out, I love your work! I share my completed iBooks with my class only – published for their iPads not to the iBookstore. I do keep a detailed list of sources for the last page in my book to demonstrate to the students how important it is to cite your sources – no matter who is reading it :)

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